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Silent Hill: Homecoming (Windows)

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Silent Hill: Homecoming Credits

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH

PresidentKunio Neo
Head of European Product ManagementHans-Joachim Amann
European Brand ManagerMartine Saunders
Special ThanksChristopher Heck, Richard Jones, Su-Yina Farmer, Andreas Voigt, Ella Siebert, Wolfgang Ebert, Martin Schneider, Nicolas Dyan, Mónica Corbella

Konami Digital Entertainment Inc.

Chairman & CEOKazumi Kitaue
EVPShinji Hirano
VP Product DevelopmentBrian Christian
ProducerWilliam Oertel
Associate ProducerTomm Hulett
Music byAkira Yamaoka
Lyrics byJoe Romersa, Akira Yamaoka
Vocals byMary Elizabeth
English Vocals Produced byZRO Limit Productions
Localization bySDI Media
Additional Cinematic ProductionPendulum Studios
Physics and Animation System byHavok
Motion Capture byHouse of Moves

Double Helix

Lead ProgrammerKevin Christensen
Lead Environment ArtistMatt Olson
Lead Visual FXEric Greenlief
Lead Level DesignerDaniel Jacobs
Lead AnimatorJohn Behrns
Lead AudioJ. P. Walton
Lead Scripter DesignerDavid Verfaillie
Lead DesignerJason Allen
ProducerJeremy Lee
Associate ProducerMichael Willette, Kristian Davila
Development DirectorCordy Rierson

Foundation 9 Entertainment

CEOJames North-Hearn
PresidentDavid Mann
CCORichard Hare
EVP, Strategic ProjectsDouglas Hare
VP, StudiosMichael Saxs Persson
VP of Corporate DevelopmentEugene Mesgar
VP of Business DevelopmentChris Charla
Product Review ManagerDavid Chen
Manager of Business DevelopmentSteven Kovensky

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sicarius (61015)