Silent Hill: Homecoming Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Start Screen with Alex's House
Adjust the gamma until left bar disappears.
The game begins in a hospital.
This time, Alex is looking for his younger brother, Joshua.
Flashlight. Check.
Radio. Check.
Fog. Check.
Hideous Monsters. Check.
Creepy Characters. Check.
Alternate Rusty Realities. Check.
Obviously, you are in... Shepherd's Glen??
Oh!, that's much better.
Melancholic stories return to Homecoming.
No-skin dogs appear again.
And the bloody pink rabbit too
In terms of light, this is the darkest Silent Hill.
Some papers reveal stories from the people of the town.
Weapons also serve as tools, axes hack through blocked doors.
Photos and drawings reveal part of the plot.
Load screens give advice.
Ladies and gentlemen, a cliché!
You better not start a humorous career, Alex. Ouch.
Pay attention to the street names.
This time you are forced to kill enemies to advance at some points
Alex can perform finish moves
Poor Ellen, thanks I'm here to save you
Nurse Ms. Tits is recycled from the model of the movie
Resident Evil: Homecoming
Awesome idea Mr. Stereotypical Black Police Officer
This is one of the mildest death scenes you'll find