Silent Hunter III Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
No chance for that ship ... the night is best time for hunting
External view
Torpedo hit
If we have good weather we can use our deck gun
War patrols always starts at a submarine base
Enemy ship destroyed
Torpedo on the way ...
... and reach the target
Bad weather
Emergency dive ... the boat dives with max. speed to 70 m
Sinking british destroyer
Boat- and crew status
Approaching enemy convoy
Periscope view
Under deck
Guard crew on deck
Radio room
Sonar room
C3 cargo ship sunk by U-48
Dockside send-off as you go on patrol
Dockworkers swap stories elsewhere in the naval base
Sub attempts to sink damaged cargo ship by riding up on it
In-game Encyclopedia/Object Viewer
A convoy comes under attack from a Ju 87 Stuka dive bomber.
A view of a torpedo striking a ship at night through the periscope.
A U-boat travels on the surface at night to recharge its batteries.
The German cruiser Prinz Eugen
Queen Elizabeth-class battleships of the Royal Navy cruise in the Mediterranean.
A U-boat finishes off a wounded British merchant ship with its deck gun.
A view from behind the deck gun of a U-boat attacking a British merchant ship.
A sailor fishing for dinner at Brest.
A British W&V destroyer searching for my sub at night
Map view, submerged inside convoy; green ships are neutral Americans, this is early in the campaign.
A US passenger liner, likely a troop transport, but not a valid target for now.
A rear view of a British destroyer laying mines.
The crew looks a bit scared as the depth-charges explode, luckily not too near this time.
Nightlights are on. The ladder leads into the sail above.
This is the attack periscope in the sail of the type VIIb, also retracted. Engine and torpedo control panels on the sides.
Fresh food hanging from the pipes toward the aft of the main room.
Surface attacks may be interrupted by enemy aircraft, shown in lower left window.
The route planning map uses the German navy grid coordinates.
Once the mission has proceeded for a time, the map fills up with tracking lines and red symbols of sunken ships. It can be cleared if needed.
Sometimes you can get help from the Luftwaffe, if a convoy is close to German occupied areas, but here a British W&V destroyer is firing at them.

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