The Silver Lining: Episode Two - Two Households Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title in Loader
Arriving the Stonehenge
Arch Druid gives additional suggests
King Graham is ready to depart
Episode 2 Title Screen
Arriving the Isle of Crown
Talking to Fishing Boy
Talking to Hassan
Running at the coast
Searching the basket in town
Entering Ali's Books
Giving the list of ingredients to Ali
Talking to Jollo
Reading a book about sea nymphs
Near "Four Winds" board at town square
Reading the issue of The Four Winds
Talking to Lamp Merchant
Buying a map of Green Isles
Buying candies
Ali marks the nymph's island
Examining Cassima's nightingale, Sing Sing
Guard Dog is on duty
Meeting Shamir in castle
Awaking Edgar
King Graham seen by Edgar's eyes
Speaking with Black Widow
Getting a Lethal Liquid
Near sleeping oysters
Sea nymph is swimming to your bait
Talking to Sea Nymphs
Getting a Magical Bag and Invisible Cloak
Examining blue sea nymph
Approaching the guards at the Isle of Sacred Mountain
Hole in the Wall asks to help him/her
Magnet has collected gold coins, but was hit in the "head" by the key
Asking the knights to let you pass to the Chess Land
Passing the gates in Invisible Cloak
Meeting the Ranger
Manannan threatens Alexander in Graham's nightmare
Valanice needs to be saved