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SimCity 2000: Network Edition (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

SimCity 2000: Network Edition Credits

SimCity 2000 Network Edition

Designed byWill Wright, Michael Perry, Jason Shankel, James Turner, Jim Woodlee
ProgrammingJason Shankel, James Turner, Jim Woodlee, Michael Larsen, Michelle Perry, Kevin O'Hare, Tricia Jiminez, Anthony Hobbs
Based on programming byFred Haslam, Will Wright
ProducerMichael Perry
Art DirectorSharon Barr
Computer ArtKevin Kraus
MusicSue Kasper
Product ManagerJohn Koller
Technical DirectorBrian Conrad
Publishing DirectorTom Forge
QA SupervisorAlan Barton
Lead TesterMichael H. Gilmartin
TestersCathy Castro, Owen Nelson, Myka Macaraeg, Joe Longworth, John Ylinen, Keith Meyer, Marc Meyer, Peter Saylor, Scott Shicoff, Robin Hines
Online ManualTom Bentley, Michael Bremer
TutorialsStephen Goldin
Tutorials based on work byMichael Bremer, Bob Sombrio
Newspaper ArticlesTom Bentley, Laura O'Shea, Bob Sombrio
Documentation LayoutDavid Caggiano
Special Graphics ArtsRhea Yost, Julie Bernatz, David Caggiano, Maia Graff
Package CopyDuncan/Channon
Package DesignJamie Davison Design Inc.
Package IllustrationDavid Schleinkofer
ManufacturingKim Vincent, Erwin Del Pinal, Cari Tietsort
Special ThanksLarry Lee, Jim Mackraz, Ocean Quigley, Jeff Braun, Joe Scirica, Bob Derber, Sam Poole, Robin Harper, Val Garcia, Deborah Gross, Doug Litke, Fred Gerson, Ileana Sander, Aki Kodama, , , , the Merry Badger

SimCity 2000

Designed byFred Haslam
IBM ProgrammingJonathan Ross, Daniel Browning, James Turner
Windows ProgrammingJames Turner, Heather Mace
Macintosh ProgrammingFred Haslam, Will Wright, Justin McCormick, Mick Foley
ProducerDon Walters
Art DirectorJenny Martin
Lead ArtistSusan Greene
Computer ArtBonnie Borucki, Kelli Jayne Pearson, Ehen Sorkin
MusicSue Kasper, Brian Conrad, Justin McCormick
Sound DriverHalestorm Inc.
Sound EffectsMaxis Sample Heds, Halestorm Inc.

SimCity Urban Renewal Kit (SCURK)

Designed byEd Goldman, Chris Weiss
Windows ProgrammingJason Shankel, James Turner
Macintosh ProgrammingMichael Schlachter
ProducerChris Weiss
Art DirectorSharon Barr
Computer ArtBonnie Borucki, Shannon Galvin, Barbara Pollak, Kok Wee Lim, Kelli Jayne Pearson, Sharon Barr

SimCity 2000 & SimCity Urban Renewal Kit

Technical DirectorBrian Conrad
Thanks ToJeff Braun, Joe Scirica, Jim Siefert, Bob Derber, Sam Poole, Robin Harper, Michael Perry, Cassidy , Joell Jones, Will Wright, Lois Tilles, Val Garcia, Jeff , Don Walters, all the rest of the Maxoids, , , The Veddy Bad Girlfriend

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Credits for this game were contributed by Garcia (4778)