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GameZone (Jun 26, 2008)
Destinations does a nice job with the packaging. The disk GameZone received was a rather robust version, with all the Societies’ updates and the new content. What is included here is fine, but it seems that Societies is heading in the same direction as The Sims 2 – offer an expansion with just enough content to make it new but without delving deeply into the game and bringing a whole new robust experience. This is a decent expansion, but it is not a must-have one.
GameSpot (Jul 07, 2008)
On top of it all, the visuals are still lovely, but the engine performs much better, though it's still prone to a little chugging as you scroll across a city that is crammed with structures and decorations. With all of this content and more--new city themes, disasters, and so on--SimCity Societies: Destinations improves a game that had plenty of room to grow, and in the process, makes for a likable, charming experience that you can get lost in. It has its flaws, but it hits more than it misses.
SimCity Societies: Destinations verbetert een game dat die verbetering hard nodig had. Het resultaat is een veel charmantere ervaring die je deze keer wel ongezond lang aan het spelen zal houden.
IGN (Jul 11, 2008)
Perhaps the best thing that we can say about Destinations is that it finally starts to make SimCity Societies feel worthy of the SimCity name. By including a gameplay mechanic that forces players to strike a balance between the amount they invest in attracting travelers and the payoffs those travelers generate, it actually feels like there's a compelling game here. Unfortunately, the overall concept of Societies still fails to excite much interest around here and that's probably not something that can be fixed with patches and expansions. EA is sweetening the deal by offering this expansion only as part of the forty-dollar SimCity Box. It's not worth it if you just want Societies and Destinations, but if you're getting it for SimCity 4, Destinations is worth at least a look.
1UP (Jun 24, 2008)
Anyway, other than the "Come to Lovely Simtopia!" angle, Societies remains the same as always, expansion or no. Your resident Sims can't visit any of the tourist venues (although vacationers don't face equivalent restrictions with normal buildings), so you've still gotta build your burg along pretty much the same lines and with pretty much the same tools you have always used -- only now you have to leave some space for tourist stuff. Many new buildings (and new gameplay modes) are already available in free patches, so if you're not interested in Destinations' vacationing layer (which, to be fair, adds another honest-to-goodness challenge to the game), you don't really need to drop another 30 bucks -- unless you really, really missed that monster-attack disaster.
50 (Aug 06, 2008)
SimCity Societies met zijn uitbreiding Destinations is maar geschikt voor een specifiek publiek, namelijk degene die kunnen genieten van zowel The Sims als de originele SimCity. Overige spelers zullen niet lang geboeid blijven, gezien het spel zich in grote lijnen lijkt te herhalen. Laat je niet misleiden door de SimCity stempel op het spel, want het is namelijk lang niet zo leuk als SimCity 4.