Simon the Sorcerer 3D Credits


Managing DirectorMichael Woodroffe
Creative DirectorSimon Woodroffe
ProducerChris Gray
DesignSimon Woodroffe, Andrew Brazier
Lead ProgrammerChris Gray
System ProgrammingJustin Andrews, Alan Bridgman
Games ProgrammingChris Gray, Justin Andrews, Simon Woodroffe, Warren Bew, Alan Bridgman
Character ModelsJef Wall, Nick Lewis
Background ModelsDeanne Cowe, Paul Tempest, Emma Davey, Jef Wall, Nick Lewis, Cal Westbrook
AnimationRebecca Quinn, Ollie Patricio, Lisa Caldecott, Paul Tempest, Jef Wall, Nick Lewis
2D ArtworkAndrew Brazier, Cal Westbrook
MusicTony Flynn
TestingTom Davey
ScriptingSimon Woodroffe
Additional ScriptingAndrew Brazier, Christie Filler
Sound EffectsAndrew Brazier, Tom Lawes
Voiceover RecordingThe Fat Man Studios
Starring as SimonBrian Bowles
Simon's biggest fans are:Attila Arnold, James Harrison, Sonja Juslin, Mattias Karlsson, Sean Lane, J. J. Levy, Emma Pringle, Simon Reid, Andy Swinscoe, Henrik Westman, Roee Zabari

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jeanne (76590)