Simon the Sorcerer 3D Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Opening Screen
The main menu appears on top of a scrolling 3D video
Simon's nemesis, Sordid, assumes his new body
Start of Chapter 1. There are 6 chapters.
Press the spacebar to bring up this screen for inventory mgmt, saving/loading games and options
Simon gets his very own Fairy Godmother to help you learn the interface.
One of your first challenges is getting past this robot-like golem
Hop into one of the many phone booths to bring up the travel map
Simon's transportation - a magical telephone booth
Get a view through Simon's eyes by pressing the Tab key
Eventually Simon can change the color of his robe to any combination of red, yellow and blue - yes even purple!
Inside MucSwampling's Diner - a colorful place
Running around the countryside, Simon's robe flies behind him
This pizzaman's conversation is hilarious