Written by  :  phil buckley (22)
Written on  :  Mar 30, 2006
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Simon - Cocky Spotty Nose Hero!!

The Good

Simon is often placed in situations that many younger gamers would surely find humorous: bellying up to a bar, uttering minor cuss words, or sassing elders, but adults also will not be able to suppress a chuckle or two at the numerous double entendres and political snipes (though the Dan Quayle joke is a bit dated). Simon is a 12-year-old boy who wants nothing more than a Gameboy for his birthday. Instead, a stray dog with a strange book in its mouth shows up at the front door during his birthday party. Simon's parents don't have the heart to tell him that the dog is not a birthday present and allow him to keep it as a pet. The book is forgotten in the attic. Much later (as we see in a wonderful opening scene), Chippy (for that is now the dog's name) discovers the trunk in the attic that contains the book, and Simon is soon thrust into a world of fantasy and magic sporting the required raiment of all magicians, a ponytail and a pointy hat. What follows is a mix of Fractured Fairy Tales meets Monty Python as Simon must rescue Calypso the wizard, the only person with the power to return Simon to his home world, from the clutches of soon-to-be arch-nemesis Sordid. This game contains much of the one-liners and juvenility so familiar to fans of the Monkey Island series. In the few instances where the characters are fleshed out, it is more because their personalities are developed through extended give-and-take with Simon. In the tradition of a comic book, where the villains are always more interesting than the heroes. Puzzles are well thought-out and progress from the simple to the difficult. The inevitable to-and-froing is eased by providing maps that allow you to visit any location with a simple click. The menu interface is representative of the period in which the games were originally released. Simon the Sorcerer has a list of verbs available at the bottom of the screen, such as Walk To, Give, Pick Up, etc., that allow the player to choose an appropriate command.

The Bad

The only thing this game actually lacked was a decent Out of Europe launch, if this was the case maybe there would have been a longer adventure game life for all of the classics. However, saying that, this game did lack explosions!

The Bottom Line

I would describe this game in a few words: This game is the best of the whole Simon series and is more than capable of beating the first two Monkey Island games. This game is one of the true great classics that not many people have played, and too few have given word of mouth too.

This game has amazing graphics (for the time) Which is why it is such a cult classic of adventure gaming. The storyline is expertly done by Simon Woodroffe. And it is packed full of British humor!! this game will have you laughing at double entendres, and innuendos while also laughing at the 12 year old's apparent Manhood dilemma, of having to cuss at older people and get sarcastic comments out to very old powerful wizards!