Simon the Sorcerer's Puzzle Pack Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

This screen that shows what is available in the package
Coffee Break Quickies : Jumble The main menu screen. Each puzzle is animated. Puzzle 1 has 1 sequence later puzzles have more concurrent sequences
Coffee Break Quickies : NoPatience There are four patience games available here
Coffee Break Quickies : Patriarch's Patience Surprisingly difficult with these odd cards. the object is to build ascending stacks on the left and descending stacks on the right
Swampy Adventures : Load screen
Swampy Adventures : Swampy gets out of bed to find his babies missing
Fouls play is confirmed, but at least its nothing personal
Swampy must complete all the puzzles in each of the four levels before he can get to Sordid's castle
One set of puzzles is set in Swampy's house. Swampy is moved by the arrow keys. The mouse can be used to investigate objects
Demon In My Pocket : Here is a demon being born
The demon must be looked after, here he's getting his shots
A good whipping is an essential part of training