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Category Description User Score
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.8
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.3
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.5
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.3
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.4
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.9
Overall User Score (11 votes) 4.2

Critic Reviews

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UOL Jogos (Mar 09, 2006)
"The Sims 2: Aberto Para Negócios" é uma expansão excelente, repleta de conteúdo relevante e que preenche um espaço que faltava no jogo, relacionado às atividades profissionais dos Sims. Além disso, vale registrar a ferramenta maleável que é "The Sims", um produto que parece apto a comportar qualquer mudança de ares e, dessa maneira, se renovar.
92 PC Gaming (Mar 13, 2006)
Open For Business is the best expansion pack released for the Sims 2 to date, and arguably is the best of any expansion pack for any Sims game.
Gamernode (May 09, 2006)
In the end, The Sims 2: Open for Business is definitely one of the best expansion packs to be released for The Sims series. Although earning profit can be difficult at first, it really isn,t too hard managing your business. This also adds a completely new area of gameplay to the whole game. Running your own business is almost like a game all in its own. With that said, Open for Business can only be truly enjoyed with the previous two expansions for The Sims 2. Without all three expansions there are really a lot of opportunities that you can miss out on. For those of you who happen to have the whole collection so far, then Open For Business is a must buy.
Armchair Empire, The (May 28, 2006)
The Sims finally get down to business with the newest Sims 2 expansion, The Sims 2: Open for Business. For the first time in the PC title’s long history of expansions, Sims gamers finally are able to own and operate their very own establishment of choice. It’s not all fun and games, as you really do have to work hard to write a simoleon-making success story in the business of your choice. Open for Business still is one of the best Sims expansion packs to be developed, giving Sims 2 players a reason rush home from their own workplace and hit the virtual business world. With a lot of time invested playing as the boss, you can reach tycoon status right next to Donald Trump, and you can even issue a “You’re fired!” edict to underachieving employees just like “The Donald” himself. Combined with the locales and items from both University and Nightlife, Open for Business has tons of gameplay possibilities.
PC Games (Germany) (Feb 20, 2006)
Eine gute Alternative zur bislang Sims-typischen Angestelltenkarriere ist das Unternehmertum: Aktiv Kunden das Geld aus der Tasche zu ziehen und Besucher bei Laune zu halten, macht mehr Spaß, als den Schützling morgens zur Arbeit zu schicken und passiv auf seine Rückkehr zu warten. Einzig die oft witzigen Entscheidungsaufgaben der normalen Jobs haben wir vermisst. Zudem erreichen Sims mit einer florierenden Firma schnell wie nie stattliche Vermögenswerte. Unser persönliches Spielziel: Alle Nachtclubs in Downtown besitzen. Was neue Baumöglichkeiten betrifft, enttäuscht Open for Business. Von mehr als 125 neuen Gegenständen ist in EAs Produktbeschreibung die Rede. Dass damit kaum spannende Luxusartikel zur Eigenheimverschönerung in Wohnzimmer, Bad oder Küche gemeint sind, sondern vor allem Regale und eine Hand voll neuer Dachformen, steht dort nicht.
GameStar (Germany) (Feb, 2006)
Was Open for Business in Die Sims 2 einbaut, könnte fast für ein Tycoon-Spiel reichen. Knallhart kalkuliere ich Preise, manage mein Personal, kaufe und verkaufe Waren. Durch das Erfahrungssystem und die motivierenden Vergütungspunkte stehe ich gerne bis in die Nacht hinter der Theke. Die neuen Interaktionsmöglichkeiten und Gegenstände hat Maxis gewohnt liebevoll eingebaut. Mich stört aber, dass ich kaum noch Zeit für andere Dinge wie Kontaktpflege oder Hobbys habe. Aber das ist schließlich der Preis für die Selbstständigkeit.
86 (Mar 31, 2006)
OfB adds a depth of dimension that The Sims 2 has been missing – real control over your money making. While some expansions may leave some wondering whether the pack was entirely justified, players should find enough in OfB to justify the cost. While the graphics and sound are not improved over other iterations of The Sims 2, they are still of sufficient quality and the new songs give you something different to bob your head to. Gameplay, as with all Sims expansions, is really where this game stands out, the added objects and interactions really deepen your playing experience and give you even more options for how to play an already staggeringly open-ended game. Overall, this is a valuable expansion that will make your Sims 2 playing experience even more enjoyable.
Gameguru Mania (Mar 28, 2006)
Open for Business is so much better than I expected it to be. It adds a whole new dimension to the game and gives you lots more to do when you Sims have max skills and scads of cash and are at the top of every career. It might seem hard at first to get your business going, but it is worth the time. All in all this is a wonderful expansion that any Sims 2 owner should buy.
85 (Mar 24, 2006)
Après l'effort, le réconfort ! Les Sims semblent appliquer ce fameux adage, puisqu'ils sont passés des bancs de l'université avec « Académie » aux folles nuits nocturnes avec « Nuits de folie ». Mais après avoir bien profité de ces temps de loisirs, l'heure est venue de s'activer avec « La bonne affaire »...
Worth Playing (May 29, 2006)
All of the changes brought about in The Sims 2: Open for Business helps to reinvigorate the game, and overall, the new expansion pack is a great deal. The sheer depth provided by owning your business can suck away many hours from your life, and it also gives the player a nice distraction when the regular life of the Sims becomes too monotonous.
PC Action (Mar 08, 2006)
Im Eigenheim oder auf einem gekauften Gemeinschaftsgrundstück verdienen Ihre Sims ein Vermögen mit Bars, Bekleidungsboutiquen und anderen Unternehmungen. Ungewohnt für Sims-Kenner: von Hand den Warenbestand, erfolgreiche Verkaufsgespräche und die Abrechnung erledigen.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Mar, 2006)
De Sims 2 gaan het maken is een leuke en knap in mekaar gestoken uitbreiding voor wie graag de handen uit de mouwen steekt.
Game Chronicles (Mar 26, 2006)
Open for Business is a fun expansion to play, but it will certainly be more fun for those Sims fans who have been looking forward to creating customized careers for their Sims or managing them at work. This new expansion adds a new level of challenge to the game and a significantly fresh aspect of gameplay, though few new items and ordinary social interactions, so you may want to keep this in mind if you’re considering investing in this particular expansion.
PC Powerplay (Mar 01, 2006)
Das Leben als Geschäftsmann ist echt stressig: Die Grundbedürfnisse der Sims sind im Arbeitsstress kaum zu erfüllen. Wenn unser Restaurantbesitzer zum Beispiel müde ist, dann muss er erst die Kunden zu Ende bedienen und das Personal nach Hause schicken. Bis er selber endlich heim darf, liegt er schon längst mit dem Gesicht in den erkalteten Nudeln. Das bisher ruhige Stubenhockerleben der Sims hat sich in Open for Business in eine rasante Fahrt auf der Überholspur entwickelt. Am Hardwarehunger der Sims hat sich nichts geändert. In belebten Geschäften geht das große Ruckeln los. Daher gilt für Addons und Hauptprogramm die Parole: Details besser runterdrehen, damit es flüssig läuft.
GameSpy (Feb 23, 2006)
The final verdict? It's a little sloppy in the implementation, but overall a solid expansion to a great franchise. By itself Open for Business may not be a must-have, but paired with NightLife, the two packs together will probably add hundreds of hours of gameplay to the series. Running a restaurant, building a trendy nightclub, creating a megastore, opening a cozy little coffee shop -- these kinds of challenges will keep you entertained for months to come.
Gameplanet (Apr 24, 2006)
All in all, Open for Business is a worthy buy, especially if you're building up a collection of these little things or have a Will Wright fixation like this reviewer. There really isn't all that much more you can say about it: it's an expansion. For more details we suggest you see the articles on Sims 2, University and Nightlife (written by the same). If, by some chance, you have those three then you may as well get this fourth - not to mention that there is already a fifth.
De Sims 2 Gaan het Maken doet wat het ons beloofde: je kan nu zelf een zaak beginnen en helemaal naar je smaak uitbouwen. De gameplay is best gevarieerd en het open karakter blijft trouw aan de echte spirit van De Sims. Hierdoor voelt het spel weer een beetje minder abstract aan en sluit het nog meer aan bij het echte leven. Het maakt de reeds erg verslaafde Sims-formule er alleen maar aantrekkelijker op. We beginnen ons echt af te vragen wanneer het tijd wordt om simlish te leren…
GameSpot (Mar 08, 2006)
Open for Business operates as advertised--your sims can own and operate their very own businesses, running them as they see fit. The suite of activities that goes along with being self-employed is well-varied and open-ended in the true spirit of The Sims, and the lives of these virtual people seem that much less abstract because of it. Open for Business makes the already-addictive formula of The Sims 2 that much more compelling, so the game is almost a sure thing for established fans.
Daily Game (Apr 08, 2006)
On the whole, though, Open for Business is a perfectly logical expansion for The Sims franchise, and it fits with the theme of regular social interaction probably more realistically than any other expansion. Sure, people go to nightclubs and school, but work consumes the majority of our life, so it only makes sense to have a work simulator, too. Of course, whether you will actually enjoy such a simulator is dependent upon whether you dig The Sims to begin with, but if you're reading this review, the chances are high that you do. And in your case, Open for Business is a no-brainer.
IGN (Mar 14, 2006)
If you're a fan of The Sims 2 series of games and have the previous expansions, I'd say this is definitely worth a look. But if you're not into micromanagement this may be one that you can skip. Open for Business has some great ideas, but they aren't always realized as well as they could have been.
75 (Mar 03, 2006)
Sympathique, on se plaît vraiment face aux nouveaux horizons de businessmen de nos Sims. Cependant si vous n'êtes pas déjà fan à la base, ce n'est pas cet add-on qui parviendra à vous convaincre. La Bonne Affaire ne s'adresse qu'aux nombreux fans du jeu d'origine qui se contenteront largement de cette extension avec ses qualités et ses défauts. Les voici partis pour six mois de bonheur... jusqu'au prochain disque additionel.
70 (UK) (Mar 10, 2006)
After The Sims 2 let people satisfy their need to build up pointless little domestic kingdoms, Open For Business helps stretch the borders rather than just broadening the comfort zones, which arguably makes it a better expansion than most.
The Sims 2 Open for Business is one of the best expansion packs released for The Sims yet. Letting your Sims have their own businesses seems like a natural progression and the business element is deep, it isn't just a tacked on inclusion.
70 (Mar 14, 2006)
For once, it's an expansion pack that does exactly what it says on the box. It broadens the experience of the already panoramically wide core game enough to justify a purchase. There's certainly sufficient new content in the pack to keep dedicated Sims fans busy for dozens of hours, and with the basic appeal of the core game still undiminished, you're left free to take the expansion content as far as you want to: from running a lemonade stall on your front lawn in your pyjamas, to taking the retail world by storm with your crack team of ninja robe clad store attendants.
Parameters like pay scales, and how much to charge for goods can be tweaked, but any in-depth features like finding paying customers or making sure that the store location is prime real estate are non-issues. If you build it, they will come. Open for Business doesn't take advantage of the Sims' best qualities and also falls short as a stand-alone idea.
Gamekult (Apr 12, 2006)
Après un Académie assez particulier et un Nuits de folie plutôt léger, les développeurs de Maxis ont réussi avec La Bonne Affaire un bel add-on, à la fois intéressant sur le plan du contenu et plutôt bien foutu. Avec des activités variées et plutôt exigeantes, les commerces demandent pas mal d'efforts de la part du joueur, tout en se montrant plutôt fun à diriger et en ouvrant la voie à un quotidien moins morne pour les fans blasés. Le titre a son lot de défauts, hérités du gameplay original pour la plupart ou dûs à son interface peu adaptée, mais il saura sans aucun doute contenter les amateurs de la série prêts à relever de nouveaux défis. Pour un add-on, c'est plutôt une bonne nouvelle.
1UP (Feb 28, 2006)
For future oil tycoons and CEOs, Open for Business can stand alone. For Sims 2 content-junkies, it shacks up nicely with University and Night Life, despite Business' more immense potential to smoke your brain into burnt-carbon oblivion. The game lacks the whimsical feel of playing a "Sim God," but it definitely makes up for it by bringing out your inner Donald Trump in well-conceived entrepreneurial gameplay. It's a tougher -- and leaner -- game than its older expansion-pack siblings, but isn't starting your own business all about being the toughest and leanest?
Some Sims expansions give you more items without changing the way you play. Open for Business does the opposite, providing some potentially clever systems without supplying the content needed to back them up.
Joystick (French) (Mar, 2006)
Un peu difficile de rentrer dans l'ambiance de cette extension, quand devenir propriétaire d'un magasin ne semble être qu'un hobby mal géré par son Sim, entre famille et vraie profession...