The Sims: Carnival - Bumper Blast (Windows)

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The Sims: Carnival - Bumper Blast Credits

Skunk Studios - Game Development Team

Executive ProducerKalle Wik
Creative DirectorJason Calderone
Visual Effects SupervisorThomas Estess
ProgrammersPhilip Aitel, Kalle Wik
Game ArtistsJason Calderone, Thomas Estess, Mikael Cleto, Nick von Tagen
Level DesignMikael Cleto, Kalle Wik, Thomas Estess, Jason Calderone, Jana Cook, Aaron Roosevelt
Studio TeamChristopher Miller, Peter Rosa, Ben Henderson, Waylon Stipes, Phil Edwards
Special ThanksShanti Bergel, Margaret & Nick

Electronic Arts

Vice PresidentScott Evans
Executive ProducerScott Evans
Creative DirectorCharles London
ProducerErik B. Zwerling
Assistant ProducerGeorge Pigula
QA DirectorJane Fraser
QA ManagerChris Huang
QA LeadJohnson Lee, Stefan Hogan, Tao Yu (Annie)
QA TestersAngela Canary, William Felice, Will Medina, Yung Duong, Quang Nguyen, Jiro Cai, Jack Guo, Kukky Li, Scott Morris, Ding Qin
Senior Director, Publishing OnlineJason Willig
Senior Director, MarketingJulie Turner
Senior Project ManagerCole Bronn
Marketing ArtistsJustin McDonald, Bob Rossman
Additional ArtPhil Mamuyac
Senior Director, Market ResearchRobin Boyer
Localization Test LeadBrad Trosin
Compatibility and Technology LabMark Gonzales, Angelo Bayan, Dave Caron, Nicolas Field, Jon Naugle
North America Submissions and ComplianceJason Collins, Eron Garcia, Darryl Jenkins, Mike Kushner, Russell Medeiros, Robert Stiasny, Rosalie Vivanco
Customer Quality ControlRyan Jacobson, David Jordan, Joseph Lee, Conrad Leiden, Adam Rivera, Matthew Salazar, Robert Williams

The Sims Label

PresidentNancy Smith
Vice President, Head of Sims StudioRod Humble
Vice President, Chief Operating OfficerBrian Deppiesse
Vice President, Worldwide MarketingPamela Kelly
Special ThanksThe Sims Marketing & PR Team, Beatrice Spaine, Andrew Pedersen, Sean Clark, the entire Pogo team, Kevin Enos, Emy Barrios, Regina Barsotti, Melissa Gaither, Tish Parmeley, Gina Towner

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