Related Web Sites

  • 7 Deadly Sims (Hugely comprehensive fansite with downloadable items, skins, building materials, and much more.)
  • 8th Deadly Sim (The 8th Deadly Sim is the paysite counterpart to 7 Deadly Sims. For a small token fee you can download hundreds of amazing objects, skins, building materials and lots more!)
  • Around the Sims (Can't get enough of that fresh downloadable content for The Sims? Here's another Sims fansite!)
  • Coasters (An all inclusive site with houses, skins, fashions and more. News too)
  • The Sims (Download unique skins and furnishings from's Sims page.)
  • IGCD Internet Game Cars Database (Game page on IGCD, a database that tries to archive vehicles found in video games.)
  • KillerSims (A Great Mall for your Sims)
  • Sim Dudes Online (The site is said to be updated every Monday with great new Skins, Walls, Floors, Roofs, Houses, Paintings, and Objects. )
  • SimFreaks (Yes, even more amazing new unique downloadable content for The Sims!)
  • SIMplyDariene (Walls, Floors, Paintings and Objects, Murals, Objects, The Lollipop Shop, All That Glitters, FAQs, How-To Tutorial, Links)
  • Sims in a Bottle (A site with Cool Original Objects, tons of Wallpaper Sets, Floors, and Cheats.)
  • Simulation Sims (Another fantastic fansite full of downloadable new Sims content!)
  • The Sims (The official website site for console versions.)
  • (This site gives Overhead cabinets Plus loads of sets of same color furniture and a very useful program called Sims Object ID to check to see if an object has an uniqe ID number)
  • The Sim Sisters (A unique site about The Sims that is theme-based around a Church. Art Gallery, Paintings, Skins, Nuns, Priests, Religious Items, Disney, and News)
  • The Sims Resource (Another huge fansite choc full of new downloadable content for The Sims!)
  • The Sims Tattoo Parlor (Site contains Tattoos, Clothing and Swimming Suits, Floors, Walls, Paintings, Guest Skins, Objects, FAQs, Links,)
  • The Well Dressed Sim (A Sims fansite specifically dedicated to fashion and the fashionable. Download stunning new clothing, salon items, home decor and more!)
  • Who Needs the Networks? (An Apple Games article about the Macintosh version of The Sims (August, 2000).)

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Google ; search engine that ranks by popularity

eBay ; Many older games listed on MobyGames are out of print. Auction sites like eBay are the best place to find them.

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