Written by  :  Dragoon (107)
Written on  :  Aug 21, 2000
Platform  :  Windows

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The best Sim game yet

The Good

The Sims is a very diferent kind of game that does not fall into any one category. The main premise is to control your customized Sim through life; You start with $20,000 to build your house and find a job. The meat of the game is when you control your Sim through everyday life; finding friends, relationships, getting a job, etc. The strange part is that there is something addictive about living everyday life; heck, you could build your own real house and live out your real life...in this game. It is also one of the funniest games ever; an example is when my Sim fell in love with someone, and she was married to a guy named Mortimer. The next day, I pranked the police and then Mortimer came by, so I figured I'd let my Sim beat up on him for some revenge. (My Sim was so depressed I couldn't get him to find a job or do anything almost). I chose the attack command to attack him, but then the Police officer came by and my Sim pi$sed his pants because his bladder was low and I got arrested! There is a limitless supply of things you can do in The Sims; you can even hold parties. The bad part is that you can't go over to other people's houses; the whole time you stay where you live, but this does not detract much from the game. Go buy The Sims now, it's a great game.

The Bad

Sometimes it can get boring if you keep repeating what you did the previous day, and so on.

The Bottom Line

A simulation where you make a person (Sim) and take them trough everday life and can even make a family.