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SimTown (Windows)

ESRB Rating
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

SimTown Credits

The Program

Design ConceptAurora Design
Product DesignClaire Curtin, John Lewis, Jenny Martin, Aurora Design, Bonnie Borucki
IBM Lead ProgrammerDaniel Browning
Additional Macintosh ProgrammingNeil Alexander, James Doornbos
Additional IBM ProgrammingChristopher Blackwell, Jason Shankel
ProducerClaire Curtin
Co‑ProducerRoxana Wolosenko
Associate ProducerMichael Wyman
Art DirectorJenny Martin
Newspaper Headlines and Screen TextClaire Curtin, Debra Larson, Michael Wyman
Computer ArtBonnie Borucki, Shannon Galvin, Susan Greene, Kok Wee Lim, Hillary Mills, Kelli Jayne Pearson, Sharon Perry, Barbara Pollak
Music and Sound EffectsJoey Edelman
Product ManagerMichael Kretchmar
Lead TesterKevin O'Hare
TestersRick Acquistapace, Donjah Horat, Kurt Tindle, Mark Vitello, John Ylinen
Lead Technical Support RepresentativeJeffrey J. Feil
Package DesignDavison Design
Macintosh Lead ProgrammerJohn Lewis

The Manual

Town Builder's Guide Written ByMichael Bremer, Debra Larson
Copy EditorsTom Bentley, Debra Larson
Documentation Design and LayoutKristine Brogno, Vera Jaye, Amy Melker
SimTown Girl IllustrationMichelle Brown

Special Thanks To

Special Thanks toJeff Braun, Martin Chan, Brian Conrad, Val Garcia, Robin Harper, Alissa Levenberg, Joe Scirica, Ileana Sander, Lois Tilles, Kim Vincent, Will Wright, Michael Wyman, Sam Poole, The SimTown‑Babes
More thanks To the Kid Testers Alicia Baratta, Emily Baratta, Bryden Derber, Eireann Harper, Ryan Harper

Aurora Design

Design ConceptRobert Mohl, Margo Nanny, Kathy Wilson

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