SimTunes Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

This is the title screen
This is the main menu. The Gallery can be accessed from inside the play screen. The tutorial is excellent and explains all the basic tools very well
The start of the tutorial
In its simplest form the game is played by putting coloured tiles in front of the bugs using the crayon like tool. Each bug plays that a different note and instrument for that coloured tile
As a bug passes over a tile it not only plays the note but it generates a pattern too.
The'X' tiles cause the bugz to reverse direction while the 'L' and 'R' cause them to turn left and right
The rainbow pen paints a series of gradually increasing notes, of course which order they are played in depends on the direction of the bug crawling over them.
Half the screen has been cleared to show the effects of the spray can tool .....
... which fils a lot of space very quickly. Oddly the 'music' produced by the spray can is very similar to my carefully crafted efforts.
Stamps are a kind of musical picture. The trees make for a good base line while the flowers are quite dainty.
This is the actual game and rather than paint a tune the play/compose area has been filled with stamps. The randomness of the notes doesn't seem to matter some how.
In the Explore tab there's a series of patterns that can be used. Alternatively they can serve as a source of inspiration and the basis for a new creation.
The existing patterns can be recoloured and reconfigured.
Sections can be cut and pasted back onto the play area. This isn't a bit 'over the top' is it?
An example from the gallery. Here it's being viewed in 'Watch' mode. The bugz crawl up & down the edges playing a recognisable tune, that I can't name. Think of the edges as a colourful pianola roll.
At various trigger points the game zooms in automatically to watch a particular bug perform
Another picture supplied with the game. The tiles forming the smoke from the volcano may look random but to the bugs that walk a fixed path through it it's a tune to be played.
A close up of the bugz path through the smoke cloud