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Part One of a new series kicks off with a Bang! Shadowcaster (255) 3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars
A fun, futuristic, B-movie type of FPS. Ian Dawson (10) 4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars

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Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.8
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.8
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.9
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.2
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.6
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.9
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.2
Overall User Score (28 votes) 3.8

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Atomic Gamer (May 16, 2006)
I really enjoyed SiN Episode 1. While I was playing it I wondered what made this game any better than any number of other FPS titles on the market today, but I realized that at a budget price, this game is actually really good. Not many games in this genre are released with a $20 price tag, so some gamers out there might not really know how to deal with a game that is a little light on the content but much lighter on the price. Give it a shot, though, and I think you'll find that it's a great game no matter how much it costs.
88 PC Gaming (May 24, 2006)
I really didn’t know what to expect heading into the first episode of SiN. I had seen some people try to play down the game but when I first started it up I knew I was in for something fun. Emergence is an entertaining episode that puts up quite a challenge and ended up seeming longer than what I had originally expected.
PC Zone (Jun 01, 2006)
There's little doubt that Emergence is a game of genuine quality, a shooter that'll stretch your trigger skills to their limits while entertaining you with a tantalising plot that gives just about enough away to hook you and reel you into Episode 2. Had it been a full price game, then perhaps Emergence would have been a borderline Recommended, but given its minuscule price tag, it's a bit of a steal. While it may not be the most groundbreaking of shooters, Emergence's merits far outweigh its smattering of faults, and with six to ten hours of entertainment to be had, you can't argue that it's not value for money, especially as it also comes bundled with a copy of the original SiN. Eleven quid you say? Bargain.
Game Over Online (May 31, 2005)
Ritual's Sin Episodes: Emergence is a strange case for several reasons. To begin with it's a sequel to Sin, a game that's eight years old. Most franchises are lucky to be remembered after two years have gone by. Second: though it is in stores, it's being distributed primarily in digital form through Valve's Steam network. Finally, the "episodes" bit refers to the fact that Emergence is only the first in a series of small, budget-priced games that tell an overarching story. To my knowledge this is a completely new way of distributing games.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Jun 05, 2006)
Tyvärr är denna underbara våldsfest över på ungefär fyra timmar, något som visserligen är avsiktligt från Rituals sida, men hjärnan skriker efter mer våld när eftertexterna börjar rulla. Det första Sin-spelet och även multiplayer-delen ligger med på skivan, vilket gör att man får två spel i samma paket. Älskar man Sin är detta ett måste, andra får kanske tänka efter om man vill köpa ett fyratimmars-spel, och ett åtta år gammalt spel för priset av ett halvt. Underbart är kort sägs det, och i Sins fall är detta sant, renodlad råaction där spelglädjen alltid står i centrum. Att Ritual på sedvanligt vis har smygit in massor av humoristiska småelement förstärker dessutom den rätta Sin-känslan. Nu väntar jag spänt på Episod 2 som tar vid där den första episodens cliffhanger slutar.
UOL Jogos (Jun 01, 2006)
"SiN Episodes: Emergence" é o retorno merecido de uma série que, em nove capítulos, pode proporcionar o entretenimento que, em 1998, acabou ofuscado por "Half-Life". Certamente, quem chegar até o final da versão estreante, ficará curioso para saber o desenrolar dessa história.
IGN (Jun 24, 2006)
While more than a few games leave me wondering what the developer could have done if they'd had more time and resources, SiN Episodes feels like a complete and polished experience that's been mulled over and considered for quite some time. Unfortunately, it often feels like a throwback to an older, streamlined style, where sheer explosiveness reigns over tactical nuance and variety. For twenty bucks, though, it still offers more than many shooters selling for full retail -- and it's only the first installment. It's no Call of Duty, or Half-Life 2, for that matter, but I won't deny that I'm looking forward to seeing where Ritual goes with the rest of this story.
Gamigo (Jul 24, 2006)
Start mit angezogener Handbremse, so könnte man den Auftritt von Sin Episodes am besten beschreiben. Uns ist klar, dass man im ersten Teil nicht gleich das ganze Feuerwerk der Möglichkeiten abfeuert, aber wenigstens eine kleine Rakete hätte doch dabei sein dürfen. So weiß man zwar, dass in der Serie ungeheuer viel Potential steckt, aber wer gibt einem die Gewissheit, dass davon wenigstens etwas in der nächsten Episode gezeigt wird? Wenn Sin uns also erhalten bleiben soll, dann muss den Entwicklern mit Nummer 2 das gelingen, wovon Filmemacher fast nur träumen können, er muss um Längen besser werden als Teil 1.
PC Powerplay (May 31, 2006)
Wie Quake 4 setzt Sin Episodes auf klassische Shooter-Stärken. Tumbe, aber zahlreiche Gegner, durchschlagende, aber bekannte Waffen, temporeiche Gefechte. Auch die Levels habe ich anderswo schon durchlaufen. Der lineare Ablauf stört mich nicht, den hatte Half-Life 2 auch. Aber Valves Hit inszeniert das mit Skript-Sequenzen, Fahr- und Rätseleinlagen. Das vermisse ich bei Emergence. Mir hat vor allem das zweite Drittel Spaß gemacht, gegen Ende lief der Schwierigkeitsgrad aus dem Ruder.
ActionTrip (May 17, 2006)
That said, I can tell you that SiN Episodes starts out really slowly, in a true fashion of old-school FPS games - with lots of generic bad guys to kill and some less than thrilling opening levels - but, it gradually heats up as you keep at it, following the general principal of FPS design seen in games like Half-Life. The player will feel like he is acting out the story, rather than being a passive observer of the events unfolding. The game does a good job of shifting between indoor and outdoor environments, as well as gradually increasing the difficulty and the variety of enemies, introducing new characters, environments and weapons into the story as you progress. Level design is good enough to keep the gameplay dynamic and engaging at all times (though very linear). This used to be the hallmark of old-school FPS design and it's sort of good to see it implemented so well in a modern game.
78 (Jun 07, 2006)
Statt des erhofften Hits ist Sin Episodes leider nicht mehr als eine “Light-Version” von Half-Life 2. Zwar basieren beide Spiele auf der gleichen Engine und Ritual hat auch fleißig abgeschaut, jedoch von allem weniger ins Spiel eingebaut: Weniger gescriptete Sequenzen, weniger Puzzles, ja sogar weniger Waffen und Gegner – im Vergleich zu Episode 1 sieht man hier förmlich das knappere Budget. Sin Episodes erinnert mit seiner schnörkellosen Action an Quake 4 und das muss nicht unbedingt schlecht sein. Denn wer auf unkomplizierte Shooter klassischer Machart steht, der wird hier für knapp 20 Euro gut unterhalten. Fürs nächste Mal muss Ritual jedoch nachlegen!
A lot of people from the business side of games are going to be watching this one closely. As the first high-profile game title to try the combination of episodic content with direct downloading, this could be the beginning of a new way to get your games. It’s about the only thing about SiN that is likely to change the world in any measurable way, since the game content itself is very much in line with shooters we’ve all played before. Fortunately, it’s the variety of FPS that anyone should be more than happy to enjoy again – non-stop action, constant explosions, and enemies that make up for their lack of intelligence by clever placement within the level and sheer force of numbers.
76 (May 30, 2006)
All in all, Sin Episodes: Emergence disappointed me a bit. Everything is crippled by the episodic way of delivery going from the very limited amount of weapons over only a couple of hours of gameplay, to the fact that you need to wait for the story to continue. The graphics are pretty decent and also the sound does a good job, but the AI and quite linear progression don't do the game justice. Up to now, Sin looks to become a pretty standard FPS by modern means (Doom 3, HL2, F.E.A.R., ...), let's hope the next episodes improve on that.
Gameslave UK (May 28, 2006)
Emergence is a fun and somewhat retro first person shooter. While it does lack a little variety it never gets too dull, perhaps due to its slightly stunted length. I'm definitely going to recommend it for first person shooter fans, but it's not a classic, there's hope for future episodes though.
PC Action (Sep 13, 2006)
Ich finde Sin Episodes: Emergence unterhaltsam. Bei Ego-Shootern brauche ich nicht ständig Abwechslung. Schließlich mache ich auch bei Counter-Strike seit Jahren das Gleiche und es bereitet mir einen Heidenspaß. Schlaue Gegner und geschicktes Leveldesign sorgen bei Sin Episodes immer wieder für faszinierende Momente. Für vier bis sechs Spielstunden reichen das meiner Ansicht nach völlig aus. Wer mehr erwartet, schaut allerdings in die Röhre. Ich bin mir aber sicher, dass von der Serie noch einiges zu erwarten ist.
Fans van first-person shooters zullen plezier beleven aan SiN Episode One: Emergence, maar of dat voor herhaling vatbaar is? Het idee om het spel op te delen in episodes is leuk, maar we betwijfelen op spelers na de eerste vijf afleveringen willen bijbetalen voor extra content. Vooral omdat de grafieken, actie en het verhaal niet verschrikkelijk indrukwekkend zijn.
GameSpot (May 17, 2006)
Fans of first-person shooters will get their fix from SiN Episodes: Emergence, but they might not leave the experience feeling genuinely excited for the next installment. The idea of splitting up a game like this into separate episodes seems like a good one, since many of us would be more than willing to pay $20 for an excellent single-player game that ties into subsequent chapters of the story. Yet the action and especially the story in Emergence aren't particularly impressive, so by the end of this brief episode, the novelty will have probably worn off. At that point, you can always fall back to playing the 1998 SiN game. And by playing it again, once you look past the graphics, you'll likely observe just how little this style of game seems to have evolved.
Gamernode (May 19, 2006)
The first installment to SiN Episodes is really a tossup between wanting to know what happens next or completely quitting right away, because the gameplay is getting too old. For those of you who just love a quick shooter, running through Emergence at least once may be all that is needed to give you a quick fix. Otherwise, if you,re looking for a unique action experience, you,re not going to find that here. However, it has to be said that the episodic nature of these new SiN titles really leaves you hanging. You just have to ask yourself if you can sit through nine episodes of the same type of gameplay at $20 a piece just to learn what happens the next time around.
Gameguru Mania (May 28, 2006)
Lastly, the time frame of the game unfortunately is what's causing the downfall. At $20 dollars an episode, the game lasts from 3 to 6 hours depending on the level of difficult you choose. The cost of $20 for a 3-6 hour game seems a little steep. I think that a price tag of approximately $15 would be more reasonable. It really depends how you feel about spending a hard earn money on 3 to 6 hours of fun. All in all a game that has great potential but the next part has to be much better!!
70 (Jun 10, 2006)
Habt ihr von den taktischen Plänkeleien eines Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter die Nase voll? Sind die Physikrätsel in Half-Life 2 für euch nur Spannungskiller? Dann lest ihr hier richtig! Ritual schnappt sich die Source-Technik und recycelt darin die Urzeit der Ego-Shooter. Die glaubwürdige Physik ist mit von der Partie, dient aber nur als Kulisse. Die grauen Zellen werden lediglich zum Aufspüren von Munition und Medizin gefordert. Die Handlung ist nur Mittel zum Zweck? Hervorragend! Die brachiale Action wird ohne Kompromisse inszeniert – Jack Thompson sieht nur den Mittelfinger der Entwickler. Die Furore hat allerdings auch ihren Preis, denn einerseits funktioniert die seelenlose Hülle heute nicht mehr als Dauerbrenner und andererseits hinterlässt der dreiste Klau bei Half-Life 2 einen faden Beigeschmack:: Jessica ist eine profillose Kopie von Alyx, die Umgebung könnte ein Teil des Valve-Titels sein und die Erste-Hilfe-Stationen wurden nur äußerlich verändert.
70 (UK) (May 18, 2006)
Emergence doesn't quite work as an appetiser for a long series. As hooks go, not knowing what the main character's pumped with is a plastic clothes-peg in the mouth of a leviathon. What is here is a solid, conventional first-person shooter that plays to the strengths of the genre as they once were. And you know what? It's not big, it's not clever, but it is fun - and kudos to Ritual for making the game it wanted instead of trying to copy Valve. Although, seriously, give Half-Life a spin. It's quite good.
Gamereactor (Denmark) (Jun 16, 2006)
Jeg har ingen problemer med at anbefale Sin som et godt bud på et FPS hvis du er blevet lidt træt af konstant større og mere komplekse spiloplevelser, hver gang du egentligt bare har lyst til at pløkke utilpassede privatsoldater i jorden. Dette er en actionfyldt appetitvækker til nogle af genrens helt store oplevelser og fungerer i den rolle upåklageligt, og så bør alle opleve den 24 Timer-agtige slutning.
The selection of firearms never really delivers the sensation that you are wielding more than a cap gun, either. Although I will say that grenades that spread wildfire are pretty slick. All told, SiN has great tech, but comes up short in design.
Video Game Generation (Jul 16, 2006)
Like the kid in school who’s capable of genius work but never applies itself, SiN Episodes: Emergence is a C quality experience that shows promise that it could be an A quality experience. SiN Episodes: Emergence is a solid game, but not an excellent game. As long as Ritual keeps making steps forward, the series will survive and prosper in the long-haul. If Ritual trots out SiN Episodes 2 with a similar experience, no new options, and no attempt to make me give a damn about the characters, I simply cannot see how people will continue pay the $20 price of admission for each installment.
Press Start Online (Nov 01, 2006)
The impressive aspects of SiN are more to do with the Source engine than any supposed innovations by Ritual. This is a huge shame given the potential offered by the episodic structure and it genuinely feels as if Ritual has missed a trick. We could have had sprawling story arcs and cliff-hangers but instead we’re left with big tits and nothing new.
Armchair Empire, The (Jul 14, 2006)
If you were at all curious, the Source Engine, the same muscle behind Half-Life 2's visuals and physics, models breast physics just fine. That answer is provided to us in the first few minutes of Sin Episodes: Emergence, and provides just a hint of the kind of over-the-top violence, ridiculous humor, and brainless fun of the rest of the game.
70 (Jul 05, 2006)
Hoewel de first person shooter SiN Episodes: Emergence alweer een tijdje te vinden is in de winkel en nog langer te downloaden valt via Valve’s welbekende STEAM, willen we jullie deze review toch niet onthouden. Het komt immers niet al te vaak voor dat men een spel in losse afleveringen wil uit brengen. Half-Life 2: Episode One gaf al aan dat episodic content zeker potentie heeft, maar goed, dat is wel het heilige Valve aan het roer. Hoe pakt het eerste deel uit de Sin: Episodes-serie voor ons in werkelijkheid uit en kan Ritual Entertainment het kunstje van Valve evenaren?
Gameplay (Benelux) (Jun, 2006)
De potentie om uit te groeien tot iets moois is zeker aanwezig, maar vooralsnog kan de prijs/kwaliteit verhouding van Emergence niet tippen aan die van andere Shooters, of ze nu episodisch zijn of niet.
PC Games (Germany) (Aug 28, 2006)
Gegen das Episodenformat habe ich überhaupt nichts - immerhin kostet das siebenstündige Prey auch seine 40 Taler und da störts niemanden. Das Problem des grundsoliden Sin Episodes (dt.) ist vielmehr das Fehlen echter Highlights. Warum, liebe Entwickler, ist das so? Weil ich wenigstens eine (!) Eigenständigkeit von einem Spiel erwarte, das mit der exzellenten Source-Technologie betrieben wird! Stattdessen gibt's nur gutes Mittelmaß. Man betrachte die Konkurrenz: An Prey und Half-Life 2 erinnere ich mich immer wieder gern. Aber welche Denkwürdigkeiten hat Emergence zu bieten? Drei Waffen, nette Charaktere und einen adaptiven Schwierigkeitsgrad, der mehr schlecht als recht funktioniert. Wenn die nächste Episode also nicht mal etwas Gas gibt und mich mit wenigstens zwei, drei klugen, spannenden Einfällen überrascht, spare ich mir die Kohle.
GameStar (Germany) (Jun, 2006)
Auch wenn weitere Episoden folgen sollen, die vier Stunden Spielzeit sind schlichtweg lächerlich - besonders zu dem Preis. Bei vier geplanten Fortsetzungen zu je 20 Euro können sich gern selbst rechnen, was Sie für einen Shooter bezahlen, der insgesamt kaum umfangreicher werden dürfte als Half-Life 2. Doch selbst wenn Ritual hier ein komplettes Spiel abgeliefert hätte, würde das an der Wertung trotz der gelungenen Präsentation kaum etwas ändern. Dafür nerven der hohe Schwierigkeitsgrad und die fehlende Abwechslung zu sehr.
GameSpy (May 31, 2006)
As a fan of the original SiN, and someone who's been waiting patiently for major developers and publishers to embrace the idea of episodic content, I had high hopes for SiN Episodes: Emergence. I wasn't looking for anyone to reinvent the wheel; I was just hoping for some good combat with an interesting story behind it. Sadly, with ultra-generic gameplay and a muddled story, there's very little in Emergence to hook gamers into future installments. Hopefully Ritual can take advantage of the episodic format and remedy that in just a few short months rather than years.
G4 TV: X-Play (Jun 14, 2006)
Ok, so you already know the game’s going to be short. So the question on everybody’s mind has got to be is SiN: Emergence worth 20 bucks. It’s a fair question with a not so simple answer.

For the hardworking staff here at X-Play, it often comes down to quality and entertainment value over something as arbitrary as game length, so we were more than willing to give SiN a fair shake right off the bat. And from the very beginning, the game comes of as extremely promising.
50 (May 30, 2006)
En jouant à ce premier épisode, on a bien du mal à ne pas se demander si Ritual ne se moquerait pas juste un peu du monde. Clairement, leur titre a tous les airs d'un mod solo amateur, et pas le meilleur qui soit. Gameplay antédiluvien, I.A. à la ramasse, histoire navrante, finalement, le seul intérêt de cette distribution en épisodes serait-il de nous vendre 9 fois un jeu creux ? A vingt euros la pièce, il va y avoir un sacré challenge.
45 (Jul 15, 2006)
On connaît tous Ritual au moins de nom. Ce studio américain, auteur du célèbre Counter Strike Condition Zéro, est aussi le créateur de la série culte de FPS, Sin. C’est avec cette dernière que leur est venue l’idée plutôt douteuse de se lancer dans les sorties de jeux épisodiques.

Alors, bien sûr, on déploie les grands moyens, on passe par Valve, on leur emprunte le moteur Source et l’usine à gaz qu’est Steam, tout cela pour s’assurer d’un bon atout commercial... Mais, comme le dit le proverbe, l’habit ne fait pas le moine.
Factornews (May 28, 2006)
Entièrement autofinancé par Ritual, distribué en ligne sous Steam, suite d'une licence surtout connue par les hardcore gamers, Sin Episode 1 disposait probablement d'une marge de manœuvre supérieure aux productions sortant à l'heure actuelle. Il est triste de constater que le développeur n'a pas du tout profité de cette liberté de mouvement, et nous sert ici un jeu formaté, sans surprise, déjà vu. Emergence n'est pas mauvais, il est juste mortellement ennuyeux. A 5 euros de l'heure, on ne peut pas le conseiller.
Who cares If Emergence is a by-the-numbers shooter? It’s still a fun thrill ride on some base level. The designers just need to tinker with the narrative and refine some gameplay issues if they hope people will come back for more. That’s one advantage of episodic games: Maybe the next installment will fix everything.