SiN Episodes: Emergence Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu, Elexis Sinclaire pictured.
J.C. Denton, your hacker buddy.
Aiming with the Magnum.
Toe to toe with an enemy in the U4 labs.
Inside the parking garage of the High Rise level.
Effects of an incendiary grenade.
Outside the power plant.
The emergency health station will replenish your energy.
The docks.
The container will help you to get across water.
The lighthouse.
Elexis Sinclaire - a beautiful, brilliant, and ruthless scientist.
Riding with Jessica Cannon.
Elexis Sinclaire and Viktor Radek - a local crime lord.
How am I supposed to kill that thing?
Jessica Cannon will help you in the SinTEK Tower.
Pipes, the New Crate!
The world of Sin
The elusive dopefish is in the game