Singles: Flirt Up Your Life! Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu
Selecting your singles
Selecting the game type
Looks like this oven's busted, better buy a new one
Depending on how rich you are, you can buy kitchenware, TV set, beds, build new walls, windows, and generally decorate your place
Rachel is combing her hair... which is just one of the multitude daily things that can be done
Just finished showering
Checking your character's skills
I've got a present for ya! (any similarity with C&C is purely coincidental)
When hunger gets the upper hand, some will make a fine dinner while others will order a pizza
Bedtime... guess tonight each will sleep in their own bed, though
Getting a quick snack in the morning
You can check for clothes at the wardrobe, or wear nothing to emphasize the higher rating
Flirting plays important role in lives of the characters in this game, hence the title
Taking a quick nap on the sofa to replenish some energy
Flirting can eventually end up with some kissing (zoomed enough you can actually see their tongues)
Although less erotic, soft kiss on a cheek weighs more feelings
Browsing the fridge for some snack
When your character's bored, painting can increase the level of fun a little bit
Exiting the bathtub (yes, she was naked while bathing, she just put the towel)
A game for two... and this one too is called "Singles"
Snuggling at the moonlight
As the story goes, certain events will be portrayed through static pictures
As your characters level up and story progresses, you will encounter eventual dialogues every now and then
When your singles fall in love, you'll start seeing some passionate kisses around
Notice below the level of romance and sensuality... the higher those are, closer will your singles be
You can change skin, eye, and hair color of your characters (these are same ol' Rachel and Ron, though)
Zoom in to see how high is the level of details on your characters
Upon finishing the story mode, you'll get bonus beach-house vacation scenario