Singularity Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu
Loading Screen
Multiplayer: Each team features four classes.
Multiplayer: One down, one to go.
Multiplayer: This guy is slow but can see enemies through walls.
Multiplayer: Healing a team-mate.
Multiplayer: I've a tick in my face. Help!
Multiplayer: Playing a tick.
Multiplayer: Yes, that soldier on the left is on my team.
BioShock anyone?
And so it begins. What I mean? Play the game and find out!
These Flashbacks remind me of Cryostasis.
Communist advertising movie for E99 shown in a school.
The singularity is up ahead.
You seem kinda headless.
Switch and upgrade weapons here.
She looks way better than Alyx.
Zeks incoming.
Finally - I found the TMD.
Using the TMD to kill that guy.
Messages like these are all over the base. What they mean? Well, again: Play the game!
Using the TMD and a box to get a door open.
Yes, even the monsters aren't immune to the effects of the TMD.
Meet one of the bosses.
The electric fence is back in action.
BioShock again: Audiotapes are scattered around the island.
Looking through the sight of the E99-nailgun.
Frying some monsters.
The TMD gets upgraded at specific points in the game.
Using the TMD to repair a train.
Reminds me of Lost Planet.
Time-bubble incoming!
Taking aim with the Seeker which shots controllable bullets.
The guy on the left was a soldier a few moments ago.
E99-technology on the right and a weapons case on the left.
If you think I just ruined a shock moment for you, play the game and be surprised!
I think the Zek in front just wants to dance.
No, I didn't kill all of those guys. Only some...
You are cold, guys :(.
A herd of ticks attacking.
Welcome to Raptu... I mean, Katorga-12.
I wouldn't touch that.