Sinking Island Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
The newly built tower of Walter Jones (intro)
Jack Norm arrives to investigate. (intro)
Walter Jones is dead, but was it murder?
Taking a picture of the dead body.
Jack Norm
Hubert De Nolent, lawyer of Walter Jones
Sonia Jones, one of the grandchildren and heir
Billy Jones, one of the grandchildren and heir
The huge lobby of the tower
Dining hall
Walking to the heliport.
The garden on the 18th floor
Not much to do at the bar
Hubert De Nolent and Jack Norm in the library
Lorenzo Battaglieri's studio
Jack Norm's vast suite
Another look at the suite
The bureau of the late Walter Jones
Walter Jones' private suite
Your "Personal Police Assistant" keeps track of all suspects.
The PPA collects all the evidence.
Comparing evidence automatically.
Inventory screen (while in the elevator)
Baïna - the island girl
Kolio - Baïna's father
Baïna and Kolio's home
The other brother and heir, Marco Jones
The Technical Workshop
Each resident's suite has a different theme and color scheme
Oh dear! The hotel will soon be underwater!