Sins of a Solar Empire Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu
The list of achievements you can get.
The map creator.
Loading Screen
A complete view of the current map.
You can try the diplomatic channels.
The pirates are very open to bribes.
A close-up of my home planet.
My fleet prepares a Phase Jump.
A fleet of pirates on a raid.
A new ship is built at the hangar.
One of the many capital ships.
Attacking a dry dock of the enemy.
A close view upon the missile defense system.
My fleet enters the system - and is greeted by too many pirates.
The pirates have engaged my fleet.
Technically I quit the game...
The statistics of the last game.
One day, all this is going to be mine ! (Also note the additions to the HUD, with the Black Market and Pirates added directly on the game screen)
My solar system, note that some lines between planets are the color of my faction, which represents my cultural expansion
A TEC Refinery ship going to the refinery
A TEC Constructor ship, building my new fregate factory
My fleet is attacking the pirate base
Final assault near enemy's home planet
"Nuclear Missile ready to launch, Sir !" "Fire !"
It smells like... victory ! Oh, and genocide by the way...