Ski Resort Extreme Credits

Cat Daddy Games

ProducerHarley Howe
DevelopmentPatrick Wilkinson, Peter Liang, Jerry Brummell, Kevin Steffa, CJ Clark, Ryan Wellman
ArtDidzis Beitlers, Mike Bjorkegren, Jesse Dunagan, Dan Kircher, Fan Yang, Mike Sarff, Mac Congrove, Stefan Schwartz, Eli Wolff, Harley Howe, Kyle Wilson
Sound Design and MusicKyle Blondin
VoiceoversHarley Howe, Kyle Blondin
Special Thanks to:Carrie Wilkinson, Sheri Headdy, Seafth Howe, Dustin Wilkinson, Andrew Wilkinson, Jaime Wilkinson, Easton Howe, Maverick Wilkinson, Quinn Congrove

Take-Two Interactive

ProducerTimothy Beggs
General ManagerChris Mate
Art DirectorPeter Muench
Cover IllustrationKurt Miller
Marketing ManagerAnne Marie Sims
QA SupervisorJoe Covello
QA TestersMatthew Baros, Brad Hoppenstein, Rich Koeckert, Joshua Noll, Josh Rose, Jeff Smith
Special Thanks:Wanda Mitchell, Diana Ranere, Cassandra Wilson, Linda Wratchford, Peggy Zoltan

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Kyle Wilson, 16 other games
Eli Wolff, 16 other games
Ryan Wellman, 16 other games
Kevin Steffa, 16 other games
Brad Hoppenstein, 16 other games
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Credits for this game were contributed by Hervé Piton (4339)