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Slingo Mystery: Who's Gold? (Windows)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Slingo Mystery: Who's Gold? Credits

Team Funkitron Inc.

Written byDavid Walls
Directed byDavid Walls
ProgrammingJonathan Supnik, David Ludwig, David Walls
Game DesignJonathan Supnik, David Ludwig, David Walls
Room CreationJason C. Christiansen, Justin Killian, Hunter Leggitt, Pritam Faldesai
ArtMichelle Martins, Angela Maria Nardolillo, David Kershner
SoundSean Hoffman
MusicSean Hoffman
VoicesSean Hoffman (Kyle), Leyla Akdogan (Maggie), Rae Rae ‑ Gloria

Team Slingo Inc.

ProductionEric Lamendola, Jason Vourtsis
DesignEric Lamendola
Quality AssuranceLori Cerchio
Original Slingo ConceptSal Falciglia

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