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Sniper Elite (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Sniper Elite Credits


Creative DirectorJason Kingsley
Technical DirectorChris Kingsley
Programming Department ChiefKevin Floyer-Lea
Producer/Lead DesignerEmerson Best
Lead ArtistJames Fraser
Lead ProgrammerKieran Donaldson
Lead AnimatorMark Bradshaw
QA ManagerIan Tuttle
ProgrammingAdam Brown, Andrew McCabe, Matthew Clemson, Martin Harris
MultiplayerMike Healey, Steven Humphreys, Kim Randell, Olivier Renault
Additional ProgrammingAndrew McDonald, Ed Duerr, Richard Fine, Anthony Gregson, Andrew Haith, Richard May, Morgan Parry, Richard Rice, Andrew Weinkove
ArtistsAndrew Brady, Mark Hill, Daniel Meeuws, Damien Rayfield, Jamie Sims, Rob Stevens, Rupert Young
Additional ArtistsDiarmaid O'Connor, Alex Moore, Ben Murch, Andrew Palmer, Joseph Gelder
Intro & OutroKen Turner
Cut‑scenes editingJordan Pedder, Andy Pattinson
Level ScriptingWayne Adams, Andrew Haith
Contains Software Technology licensed fromGameSpy Industries Inc.
Uses Bink Video byRAD Game Tools Inc.


Music/EffectsTom Bible
Additional EffectsJohn Cleasby
Casting/Sound RecordingOutsource media
TextsEmerson Best
Sound recording producerMark Estdale
EditingTom Bible

Voice Cast

CastKarl Fairburne, Martin T. Sherman
HeroAleksey Grishin
Russian soldiersYuri Klimov
German soldiersStefan Grothgar
BriefingsAlexander Gruzdev
OSS BriefingsBill Roberts
Motion Capture ActorsJoseph Gatt, James Fraser
Recording and ProcessingAudiomotion, Mick Morris
TestersWayne Adams, Craig Garvey
PRKristien Wendt
Thanks toKostas Diamantis, Richard Smith, Marcus Wainwright, Reuben Fleming, Daniel Thomas, Dave Walsh, Mark Laiman, David Birkinshaw, Dominic Preston, Luke Preece, Simon Parr, Martin Pegler
LocalizationBabel with participation of, Ben Wibberley

Namco Hometek Inc.

COORobert Ennis
CFORobert Ennis
Director of External DevelopmentJeffrey Lujan
Executive ProducerPierre Roux
Senior ProducerMichael Morishita
Associate ProducerMitch Boyer
Assistant ProducerDan Tovar
Director of Product ServicesGlen A. Cureton
Senior Public Relations ManagerMika Kelly
Public Relations ManagerKristin Calcagno
Public Relations SpecialistRobert Cogburn
Senior Marketing ManagerSean Mylett
Product Marketing ManagerBryan P. M. Chu
Senior Facilities and Operations ManagerJennifer Tersigni
Quality Assurance SupervisorDaryle Tumacder
Customer Support SupervisorDaryle Tumacder

MC2 france

International DirectorOlivier Grassiano
Territory ManagerSevan Kessissian
Manufacturing ManagerEric Devaux
Q.A. ManagerFranck Quero
Computer Graphics ExpertPhilippe Tihy

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (158585) and Virgil (1689)