Sniper Elite Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main title
Opening video showing scenes from WWII
Main menu
Character profile
Mission selection
Mini-map with mission tasks
Bombed-out streets of Berlin.
Through the scope.
Besides the sniper rifle, you can pick up any other weapons the enemy carries.
Hiding from a tank.
Someone left me some supplies.
I bet he doesn't even realise someone can shoot him in there.
Either this door is too big, or the Eagle Eye is too short.
Silent kill
Searching enemy bodies for ammunition and bandages.
Warped tramway
The bullet camera, probably the best thing in a game.
Making my way through a guarded perimeter.
Where did they dig up this ancient piece of junk?
Enemy sniper on the roof
Branderburg gates
Preparing a little sabotage.
Metro bridge
Destroying a Soviet tank with a bazooka
Soviet troops near the German truck
Crossing the river bridge
Approaching enemy lines through the subway
Throwing a grenade at the enemy behind the sand mound
Search enemy bodies for ammo and grenades
German Wehrmacht is holed inside the ticket office
Clearing out the room with a grenade
Looking for German patrols
Kill shot to already downed and wounded soldier to make sure he doesn't get up
Sniper rifle is no match for a tank from the front side
Maybe I won't get spotted if I keep it to the ground
Kill shot bullet camera
Every mission and sub-level feature unique loading screen
Observing enemy movement through a binocular
Enemy guard spotted on the upper level
Lining up to take a shot
The bullet is heading toward a target
My first shot missed and now enemy sniper is aware of my whereabouts
End of each level features a scene of our protagonist walking to his next destination
Gotta find a way to open the safe in the file room
Head shot at fairly close range
Machine guns are more effective at close range
Blowing up a truck
Rescuing the scientist
Destroying the Soviet tank by hitting its tank cap