Sniper: Ghost Warrior Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu
Loading Screen
Grenade training - mostly useless in the actual game.
That's one bloody kill.
Multiplayer: Choose your class.
Multiplayer: See the enemy sniper?
Multiplayer: Most of the time you won't come up so close to your enemy.
Multiplayer: Killed 4 guys without dying and earned a medal for that.
The game looks very good.
Hiding from that guy passing by.
Hot chicks! They are a bit stale however...
Waiting for the spotter to announce my target.
Time is slowed down, giving me enough time to kill those two.
Using the helicopter to get to the next oil rig.
Looks like a shooting gallery.
Call of Duty anyone?
The "secrets" are completely unimportant messages.
My health is low so I'm using this thing to get back up to speed.
From up here, they look like ants.
Fighting our way through the harbor.
Luckily that helicopter didn't spot us.
Yes, dear reader, you can indeed kill that cow.
Using a rope to get to higher ground.
One of the objectives is to take out a couple of AA-guns.
Throwing knives - silent and deadly.
Freed some civilians.
Don't worry: that's the only stationary gun sequence in the game.
Night. Perfect time for a sniper.
He won't even know what hit him.
Running away after being spotted.
The circle under the cross is the point where the bullet will hit.
Everything is burning but it's not my fault :(.
A driving sequence - luckily there's only one of them, too.
Playing spotter for another sniper.
Giving cover to some of the guys.
Found the secret Uranium mine.
Yes, the bulletcam can be deactivated.
Running up the hill in the rain to find the charges.
Mission accomplished.
I need to get to the high ground to finish the game.