Soccer Manager Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main game screen
You can alter the teams' and players' data in the editor.
Overview of all attributes per player
Change the players' appearance. Here you can redefine the type of hair.
Starting a new career as a manager. Only a few countries' leagues are available.
A random event. Yay for Liverpool.
General overview screen where you keep track of all statistics. Use the buttons near the bottom of the screen to get into the details.
Detailed information per player
Change the formation of your team.
Today's match-ups in the English premier league
Stadium management
A match in progress with all statistics shown
A welcome surprise
A financial overview. This is going fine.
Manage your team and prepare training sessions.
Individual training in progress
Team training in progress
A report of the training camp, it seems to have had a positive effect on the morale. Let's do one every day, shall we?
Selecting a training camp.
Always keep an eye on the transfer market for interesting players.
Manage the team strategies.
Apply for a loan to buy talented players.
The current advertising contracts are shown on the right, new ones can be selected from the left.
Match-up screen
In-game: Junes scores - give the man a raise!
Match wrap-up
An overview of income and expenses after a single match
Global ranking. My team is first!