SOL: Exodus Credits (Windows)

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SOL: Exodus Credits


The CommanderAlexander Brandon
CassiCristina Soto
Aric CorbinArtie Widgery
Cal HollundTroupe Gammage
General T'JienDavid Fennoy
Elena ShapiroKristin Lennox
Major ChenTroupe Gammage
Commander DavidDavid Fennoy
Meranda BellKristin Lennox
Dr. PudovkinArtie Widgery
COD PilotTroupe Gammage
Captain EllisArtie Widgery
UCS Pilot 1Artie Widgery
USC Pilot 2Alexander Brandon


Developed bySeamless Entertainment Inc.
Executive ProducerDan Magaha
Studio DirecterDan Magaha
Creative DirectorChristopher A. Stockman
StoryChristopher A. Stockman, Edward Kuehnel (EGK Interactive), Samantha Marshall
Programming DirectorKinzie L. Schwab
Lead Environment ArtistChris Murdock
Lead FX ArtistChris Murdock
Lead Vehicle ArtistBen Rosendahl
Lead AnimatorBen Rosendahl
Lead UI ArtistBaback Moussavi
Quality Assurance LeadCarson Underwood (Black Lantern Studios)
Quality AssuranceConceptopolis LLC
Music Services byHamsterball Studios Inc.
Music CompositionRandall Ryan (Hamsterball South)
Sound DesignRandall Ryan, Marc Schaefgen (The Sound Department)
Sound MasteringKent Vernon (Hamsterball North)
Modeling Services byYing Pei Games, GameVision Corporation, Eastworks s.r.o.
Additional ArtGary Bedell (Black Lantern Studios), Cole Biesemeyer (Graphite Lab), Stephanie Iannone, Matt Raithel (Graphite Lab), Art Wiesen (Graphite Lab)
Beta TestersNelson Bergen, Andrew Booth, Stephen Heller, Robert Sloan Hood, Kevin Kren, Marisa Low, Kelly Monfort, Jimi Nelson, James Nygren, Andrew Pannell, Matt Scott
PR Services byDavid Swofford (CS Media)
Web Development Services byGraphite Lab
Special ThanksTravis Baldree, Houston Brayton, George Broussard, Augusta Butlin, Liam Byrne, Devin Clasby, Gregory Foertsch, Tom Forsyth, John Grimes, Darlene Grimes, Scott Jennings, Rick Johnson, Joe Kreiner, Patrick McClard, Whitney Millikin, Nate Muller, Paul Oliver, Jeff Pobst, Matt Raithel, Mark A. Rein, Jake Simpson, Zack Smith, Anna Sweet, James Tan, Ben Utne, Steven Wartofsky, Mike Wilford, Richard Woods, And all the family members; friends; gamers; developers; fans; and press folks who high-fived us; cheered us on; offered encouragement and feedback; playtested; listened to us whine; and generally pushed us to make the best game we could.


Unreal Engine © 1998-2012Epic Games Inc.
Scaleform GFx ©2012Scaleform Corporation
RealD 3D technology ©2012RealD Inc.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (192527)