Solar Flare Credits

Scorched Muffin Entertainment

Game DesignerPatrick Mera
GameplayPatrick Mera
PhysicsPatrick Mera
AIPatrick Mera
UIPatrick Mera
Technical DirectorChris Tallman
ProgrammersChris Tallman, Nathan Williams
GraphicsChris Tallman
ParticlesChris Tallman
ModelsChris Tallman
TexturesChris Tallman, Jami Lukins
ProducerNathan Williams
NetworkingNathan Williams
Engine ArchitectureNathan Williams
ScriptingNathan Williams
ToolsNathan Williams
ArtistJami Lukins
AnimationsJami Lukins

DigiPen Institute of Technology

PresidentClaude Comair
Game InstructorBenjamin Ellinger
Team InstructorRachel Rutherford
Techinical InstructorChris Peters

Special Thanks

Special ThanksThomas O'Connor, Jami Lukins, Ryan Meyer, Allen Richter, Javier Felipe Romero, David Saunders, Dan Strycharske, Sad Turtle Productions, Infinigon, 7‑11, Newtek, NVidia,, Qdoba

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (505776)