Soldiers of Anarchy (Windows)

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Soldiers of Anarchy Credits

Silver Style Entertainment

Project Manager and Lead DesignerCarsten Strehse
Lead ProgrammerRonny Knauth
Lead 3D ProgrammerSebastian Tusk
Lead ArtistDaniel Töpfer
Additional DesignEnrico Falk, Daniel Töpfer, Olaf Sacher, Jan Jordan
ProgrammerAlexander Miseler, Enrico Falk, Nils Meissner, Martin Lütke, Heiko Weible
ArtistsOlaf Sacher, Jan Jordan, Malte Fritzler, Henning Zahn, Michael Meyer, Nadine Meyer
Level DesignKarsten Blank, Matthias Trebus, Cyril Bräcker, Adrian Kästorf

Simon and Schuster Interactive

President, PublisherGilles Dana
Vice‑President, Creative DirectorJeffrey Siegel
ProducerBill Mooney
Vice-President, Sales & MarketingPeter von Schlossberg
Business ManagerJohn Crowe
Director of Financial Planning & AnalysisJeff Hookey
Public RelationsPeter Binazeski
Operations ManagerMeng Meng Lim
Art DirectorDavid S. Rheinhardt
Senior DesignerStephen A. Ganade
Marketing Services ManagerEllen Goldberg
Sales and Marketing ManagerChristina Kuzma
Online ManagerStephen Hughes
GametesterJo-el Rainey
The Team at Simon & Schuster InteractiveDewanda Howard, Michael Wallis, Diane Strack, Kimberly A. Kindyu, James Chana, Robert Prinzo, Emmanuelle Saal

Absolute Quality

Project LeadAdrian Miller
TestersDavid Im, Greg Wickham, H. Edward Piper, Justin Durlewanger, Grant Frazier, Wendell Harper, Niles Plante

Special Thanks to

Special Thanks toKieran Mooney, GenCon crew, Anne Nizou-Webster, H. Karl

Drone (

GuitarJohn Kuhn
BassJason Blevins
DrumsDarren Wallach
"The Queen Is Our Slave" - Music by John Kuhn, Jason Blevins
"The Queen Is Our Slave" - Lyrics by Darren Wallach
"Run" - Music by John Kuhn
"Run" - Lyrics by Darren Wallach

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Credits for this game were contributed by Raymond Scott (37) and Indra is stressed (20016)