Soldiers of Anarchy Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Intro - news about the virus and how all hell broke loose...
Main menu
Er...another main menu...
In-game mission - close-up shot of some of the friendly troops and vehicles.
The base - after the first couple of missions you finally have access to your command base. This is where you prepare and gear up before missions.
Tactic room - information: this section gives detailed background information of your original squad as well as other 3rd party organizations.
Tactic room - mission briefing: info on the objectives of the next mission.
Stock - equip: gear up your soldiers or stock up items gained from the previous mission.
Stock - trade: meet up with the local Seeker (Trader) and trade weapons, ammo, vehicles and other gear!
Stock - object information. Get detailed information on weapons, vehicles, ammo and other objects.
Garage - equip: equip your vehicles with weapons, ammo and gear or stock up items from the previous mission.
Garage - repair: vehicles damaged from the previous mission can be repaired here. There is time limitation on how many can be repaired.
Garage - armor: upgrade your vehicle's armor to make it more durable. Limited time slot for each vehicle armor upgrade.
Hanger: er since my pet pigeon doesn't qualify, it seems I don't have anything "flying" here...
Lab - medical care: heal soldiers wounded from the previous mission.
Lab - hormone treatment: increase the heath stat of your soldiers. Upgraded health bars will show as a white bar in comparison to the standard green bar.
Lab - production: create fly pills or medi kits in your laboratory.
Drill yard - choose team: select soldiers and vehicles for the next mission.