Sonic CD Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
In this version, Tails can be unlocked
DJ Eggman allows you to choose between the Japanese or American soundtrack
Beginning of Palmtree Panic, the first level
The "Past" and "Future" signposts allow you to travel through time
Palmtree Panic, in the past
Metal Sonic's hologram must be destroyed in the past to free the animals
Eggman's time machine must be destroyed in the past in order to make a "Good Future"
If the player can make a Good Future in all zones, or collects all time stones, he'll get the "good" ending
Special Stage : you must destroy all the pods
Getting the time stone at the end of the special stage
In this version the Chaos Emeralds are called Time Stones
The new ingame menu
The (currently rather unspectacular) achievement showcase