Written by  :  Mattias Kreku (439)
Written on  :  Nov 09, 2003
Rating  :  4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

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Not a classic, but a solid RPG

The Good

This game surprised me when it came out as I had never heard of it before. It turned out to be a good RPG with more plusses than negatives. It's not perfect but it has a good combat system, some good locations and it is very challenging. I loved the snow and the mines and the city locations. The main story isn't bad either. One funny thing is that it must have been a while since I played it, because I remember seeing the intro and then gape in awe when the intro was over and I realized it had all been done with the in-game engine. Nowadays the graphics aren't even considered ordinary.. It's more off to the bad side. Times change!

The Bad

The travelling in the game takes a lot of time. It is also very difficult to get into. Prepare to be killed a lot in the beginning. Also, the graphics is a little blocky and constrained, although the last part can be fixed with an unofficial patch that's downloadable from the net. Another technical detail: the time it takes to get up any menu in the game makes the entire game seem slow.

The Bottom Line

Soulbringer is a cross between the isometric style of Diablo and the free viewing system of Dungeon Siege. It's seen from above but it's actually all done in real 3D. A difficult game that rewards you if you manage to stick with it.