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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 1.6
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 2.3
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 1.7
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 2.6
Overall User Score (7 votes) 2.0

Critic Reviews

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Trotz Vollinstallation gibt es immer wieder kurze Ladezeiten und viele Fragen können nur mit Serien-Kenntnis beantwortet haben. Das hat Berkeley mit dem Allgemeinwissen-Jack besser gemacht. Dafür brilliert South Park mit seinen herrlich widerlichen Zeichentrickfiguren. Wer schon die TV-Serie geschmacklos fand, wird auch dieses Spiel verabscheuen. Wer die Serie vorher nicht kannte, wird jetzt vielleicht bekehrt und das Spiel lieben.
Game Over Online (Jun 17, 1998)
The idea behind Chef’s Luv Shack is similar to that of Mario Party, and while the idea seems pretty appealing, it just fails to deliver the goods. Being a South Park title, I expected the game to mix a little humor in with the gameplay, but I was wrong. The questions aren’t clever, witty, or even consistent. Most of the questions are regular trivia questions you would find in any other trivia title. I would have liked to have seen some South Park trivia, or at least the perverse sense of humor that riddles the television show. The mini-games are loosely based on retro classics, so while they’re fun, they’re also simple and incredibly easy to complete.
Power Unlimited (Feb, 2000)
Chef's Luv Shack is best leuk voor de hardcore South Park fans die alle ins & outs kent maar voor alle andere gamers is het te obscuur, niet grappig genoeg en ziet het er ook niet echt mooi uit. Nee, het is absoluut niet zo leuk als de serie op tv.
If you're looking for a good trivia game, South Park: Chef's Luv Shack gives you some of that and indeed much more. However, it's not a complete or serious trivia game, and no doubt will be laughed at by some people. But the South Park fans and even casual gamers who might like to enjoy something different and even a laugh or two, Chef's Luv Shack provides plenty of entertainment, packed with mockups of many of America's classic video games.
PC Joker (Jan, 2000)
Per Tastatur oder Stick ist die Digi-Gameshow steuerungstechnisch ein Kinderspiel, ebenso die eingebauten Reaktionstests wie Tauziehen usw.. Englischsprachige Zocker sind dabei aber ganz klar im Vorteil, da der brachialspaßige Fragenkatalog auf sie zugeschnitten und eine deutsche Version nicht geplant ist.
42 (Jan 03, 2000)
Natürlich hat das Spiel denselben Gags unter der Gürtellinie wie die Serie. Natürlich sind die Stimmen echt. Natürlich gibt's Anspielungen auf die Serie. Schön und gut. Dummerweise werden die Fragen und Antworten so langweilig und einfallslos abgearbeitet, dass jede South-Park-Folge amüsanter ist als fünf Stunden mit Chev Luv Shack. Hoffentlich holt South Park Rally mehr aus der Lizenz heraus.
Game Revolution (Jan 01, 2000)
When Chef's Luv Shack was first announced, I was expecting something along the lines of Austin Power's Operation Trivia (ie. with trivia based on the show). Thankfully, they tried to use actual trivia, although not enough questions. The mini-games are great, but since you can't choose which one you want to play, you often play the same ones over and over. Chef's Luv Shack is a decent attempt with some cool elements, but the game just doesn't have enough depth. When push comes to shove, Chef just doesn't make a very good gameshow host . . . maybe they should look into hiring Regis Philbin.
South Park fans and those who like off beat trivia will find Luv Shack entertaining in doses, but this South Park excursion would have been far better off had it stuck to its irreverent trivia questions, and ditched the mini-games entirely. All in all, Chef's Luv Shack has too much of Mr. Hanky and not enough Cheesy Poofs goodness.
PC Games (Germany) (Mar 07, 2001)
In Amerika ist South Park Kult - in Deutschland dagegen interessiert sich bisher nur eine eher kleine Gruppe von Fans für die chaotischen Vorstadtbewohner. Chef's Luv Shack ist ein hastig dahinprogrammiertes Ratespiel, dass sich ganz auf die Attraktivität der TV-Vorlage verlässt.
GameStar (Germany) (Jan, 2000)
Die South-Park-Clique beantwortet im Computer-Quiz vulgäre Fragen und bestreitet geschmacklose Mini-Spielchen - so weit wird's jeden Fan freuen. Dummerweise ist die Technik mies, die Aufgaben sind hirnrissig.
Chef's Luv Shack ultimately disappointed me. I was expecting South Park trivia and ended up with an inferior versin of "You Don't Know Jack" starring South Park characters. Had the questions been based upon the TV show, I truly feel this would have been a much better game and a MUCH better use of the South Park license. As it stands, the game would have been exactly the same without Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny, and Chef's involvement. Bottom Line: Poor use of the South Park license. Questions and categories really aren't that clever, and the show's characters don't add anything special. The mini-games are fun to goof around with. Go out and buy yourself a copy of "You Don't Know Jack" instead.