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South Park Rally (Windows)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

User Reviews

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Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 2.5
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 2.6
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 2.4
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 2.4
Overall User Score (13 votes) 2.5

Critic Reviews

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Aquellos que hayan visto la serie, encontrarán muchos detalles que les harán recordar los capítulos más divertidos. Los gráficos están muy bien detallados con respecto a los dibujos de la serie. La adicción que crea y la diversión que conlleva merece la pena. Las partidas en red son muy divertidas... Los personajes con los que podemos jugar debemos encontrarlos por los circuitos, haciendo un recorrido especifico, lo que nos lleva a investigar por las diferentes fases del juego...
games xtreme
If You don’t really give a toss about South Park and thought you would get a driving/go-carting game stay the hell away from this, as a game it just isn’t very good, plain and simple. Also if your easily offended by anything more extreme then Mary Poppins this isn’t the game for you. Otherwise buy everything South Park related, if Eric Cartman was real he would be a god.
Power Play
„South Park Rally“ ist in erster Linie ein großer Spaß für alle Fans der Serie. Die 3D-Grafik ist zwar nicht berauschend, doch immerhin sieht das Spiel besser aus, als das TV-Vorbild. Wirklich ärgerlich ist nicht etwa der durchaus gehobene Schwierigkeitsgrad, sondern, daß man seine Fortschritte bei der Meisterschaft nicht speichern kann. Hat man seine Continues verspielt, muß man zwangsläufig wieder von vorne anfangen — will man alle Kurse für den Arcade-Modus aktivieren, kann das zu einer regelrechten Lebensaufgabe werden...
Computer Gaming World (CGW)
People who’ve never been fans of the show will find very little entertainment in this RE*VOLT-esque arcade racer that lets you shoot chocolate salty balls and giant homing dildos at opponents while picking up fart-boost power-ups. But if you’ve ever laughed at Stan puking on Wendy, Mr. Hankey kissing Kyle’s face (leaving behind little skid marks), or Jesus kicking Santa Claus’s ass, then this game is for you.
All Game Guide
While South Park Rally has its moments, most racing fans will probably be reluctant to get downright serious with this game, provided they can even muster passing the first race! However, South Park, go-kart and comedy fans will no doubt enjoy the humor and simple gameplay for what it is, "mmm'kay?"
PC Player (Germany)
Wer die Serie heiß und innig liebt, wird wahrscheinlich kurze Zeit seinen Spaß mit Kenny, Kyle und Co. haben. Langfristig gesehen bietet jedoch das einfach gestrickte Rennspiel selbst dem größten South-Park-Fan zu wenig.
PC Games (Germany)
In den vergangenen Monaten sind mir die Bälger aus der ewigwintrigen Kleinstadt South Park richtig ans Herz gewachsen Umso mehr hab ich mich auf die Rallye gefreut. Doch wie schon beim South Park-Shooter hatte ich zwar anfänglich großen Spaß, wurde dann jedoch die immer gleichen Gags leid. Außerdem hat mich der hohe Schwierigkeitsgrad an den Rand der Verzweiflung getrieben.
Bedingt durch den unnötig hohen Frustfaktor des unausgewogenen Schwierigkeitsgrades ist es kaum verwunderlich, wenn der Spieler vor dem Bildschirm nach kurzer Zeit lauter und heftiger flucht als Nörgelkönig Cartman persönlich. Leider steht damit auch die South Park Rally in der Tradition der bereits erschienenen, lauen South Park Lizenzprogramme. Trotz halbwegs annehmbarer Grafik und moderaten Hardwarenaforderungen sollten selbst hartgesottene South-Park-Fans vor dem Kauf unbedingt eine Proberunde drehen. Spieler ohne South-Park-Ambitionen und auf der Suche nach einem unkomplizierten Arcade-Racer fahren besser damit, im Händlerregal nach der Re-Volt-Schachtel Ausschau zu halten.
GameStar (Germany)
Auf den ersten Blick wirkt South Park Rally ganz spaßig. Schnell aber merkt man, daß das Spiel viel zu schwer ist. Ein Fahrfehler, und das Rennen ist gelaufen. Erschwert wird das Ganze durch Checkpoints, die nicht über die ganze Streckenbreite gehen und die man deshalb häufiger verpaßt. Wenn Sie damit leben können, dürfen Sie sich mit Cartman auf die Piste wagen.
South Park Rally has a lot of things going for it: decent graphics, humorous yet annoying gameplay, and an incredibly accurate gameworld. However it also lack a lot of replayability, the gameplay in and of itself can be quite frustrating at points, and the racing physics are horrible beyond compare. Bottom Line? Buy it if you're a South Park fan, as you'll get a kick out of seeing Stan drive around in a Ferrari. Otherwise, leave it to occupy shelf space.
Allez on va dire qu’on s’amuse le temps d’une course, voire le temps de faire le tour de tous les bonus. Après, on a peine à revenir et retrouver ces décors – pourtant jolis – mais foncièrement lassants. Le plus grave problème de South Park Rally, c’est la jouabilité, avec des contrôles imprécis et des comportements souvent curieux. Enfin, quand vous avez joué une heure, entendu 300 pets, 150 vomissements, et pu admirer des culs volants autour de vous pendant un quart d’heure, vous êtes content de couper et de revenir à la civilisation.
Game Over Online
While my feelings about South Park Rally started off on a positive note, they quickly went downhill after a couple of hours. The lure of South Park characters racing around the TV show locations died very quickly mainly because of the lack of innovation in course design, so-so gameplay and lack of a save game feature. Only truly diehard fans will enjoy this game, the average South Park viewer won't be addicted for too long, and if you don't watch the TV show don't even bother. This game totally sucks ass Mmmmkay?
Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
With its flurry of in-jokes and episode-specific characters, South Park Rally seems targeted specifically at the TV show’s most hardcore fanatics. Unfortunately, even they might find this outing taxing, as its console-specific continue system and subsequent endless repetition practically rob this title of most vestiges of amusement. The initial few races are joyfully reminiscent of taking part in an episode, but it isn’t long before it feels as though you’re being force-fed reruns.
incite PC Gaming
Not very fun, really. Hard-core South Park fans should just save their money and buy Chef's Luv Shack instead, mmmkay?
Electric Games
South Park Rally could have been much better than it turned out. Allowing people to actually play the cars and tracks they bought without forcing them to get good at the game first would have been a start - especially in a game where the difficulty factor is too high to begin with. A save game mechanism would also have been nice; the game plays WAY too much like some console game (PC games should NEVER have the same limitations as consoles). In the end, South Park theme or not, the game has some serious deficiencies that keep the game from living up to its potential. Bottom Line: Nice graphics - on par with those in the South Park 3D shooter. You start out with only a few cars and one track - the majority of others have to be "unlocked". Opponents rarely make mistakes and have no distinct personalities. No save game mechanism.
Computer Games Magazine
The brilliant South Park movie shows that there is still some creativity left in Matt Stone's and Trey Parker's porn-obsessed brains. After three abortive South Park games that have failed to translate any of the anarchic fun of the show to digital form, however, all you can really do is blame Canada.
Game Revolution
Will they ever stop making these terrible South Park games? Acclaim has done it once again with the latest installment in their South Park series. Every time, it seems like they have taken the essential elements of the South Park show, thrown them into a meat grinder, scooped up random sound bytes and crude jokes and then fitted them into whatever game they happen to be making. So far, we've seen a wretched shooter, a lame attempt at a quiz game, and now a Mario-Kart rip-off. This one seems to be thought out a bit more thoroughly than the rest, yet it plays like the worst.
Power Unlimited
Wat mij betreft moeten de makers van South Park Rally zich zwaar gaan schamen want dit is echt een klotegame. Hopelijk maakt nooit meer iemand zo'n lullige racetitel.