Spacebound Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
The game instructions
Intro cut-scene: Captain Bloom explains how the Picolytes got stranded in Earth.
The world map: our adventure starts in San Francisco.
Ready for launch!
Hints will be displayed during the game, if the player does't turn them off.
Making my first movement.
I've got a 1x combo bonus for matching the blocks!
And my rocket is launched!
Score table of the first level
A Picolyte tells the Captain to collect post cards from each city visited.
The last level of each city is a puzzle.
We finished San Francisco and got a postcard from it!
Captain warns you things will get harder from now on.
The puzzle mode: select one of the 24 puzzles available.
Humm, this is a tough one...
Here you can see the badges collected along the game. None till now.
The highscore table