Spec Ops II: Green Berets Credits (Windows)

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Spec Ops II: Green Berets Credits

Zombie Studios

Executive ProducersMark Long, Joanna Alexander
ProducersLinley Storm, John E. Williamson
Game Design And ManualJohn E. Williamson
Technical DirectorCharles Guy
Art DirectorShane Moura
Senior ProgrammerBill Wright
Senior ArtistRichard Starr
ProgrammingCharles Guy, William R. Wright, Marcin John Davis, Lori Woods, Wyeth Ridgway, Mark Krietler
ArtistsShane Moura, Richard Starr, Austin Iverson, Carlos Naranjo, Mark Long, Patrick Moynihan
MusicRoland Barker
Audio EngineeringRoland Barker, Joe Zajonc
Military AdvisorRon Haskins
Voice ActorsMark Long, Ron Haskins, Matthew Leavenworth, James Cooper, Kitti Lertpiriyasuwat, Dharm Janin, Roland Barker, David Choi, Joe Zajonc, Keith Eric Boyette
MOCAP ActorRon Haskins
Take2 InteractiveSam Houser, Jeronimo Barrera
Ripcord GamesLou Viveros, Eric Johnson
Beta TestersDigipen, Russ Pecoraro, Bas Brakenhoff, Thijs de Wolff
Military PhotographsDefenseLink
Special ThanksRTime, Monolith, WXP, Microsoft DirectX, Sputnik, James Palma, Janice Butler, Sandy Heyer, First Special Forces Group, Ft Lewis
Packaging DesignA Creative Experience

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