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Spec Ops: Rangers Lead the Way (Windows)

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Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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5 point score based on user ratings.

Spec Ops: Rangers Lead the Way Credits


Production LeadSandra B. Smith
Technical LeadWyeth Ridgway
Artistic LeadMel Guymon
Executive ProducerMark Long, Joanna Alexander, Janet Galore
Game DesignEric Church, Javier Garavito, Mark Long
ProgrammingMark Kreitler, Charles Guy, Corrinne Yu, William R. Wright, Joseph Laurino
Additional ProgrammingAdrian Jones, Owen Flatley, Scott Miller, Bernie Freidin, Anna Farr, Robert Nendel, Gregg Seelhoff, Wai H. Jan (Kyle)
3D GraphicsDerrick Moore, Rebecca Rettenmund, Mike Prittie
Additional GraphicsLouise Smith, Doug Wilcox, Porl Perrott, Sandra Garavito
Original Artistic DesignJason Kaehler, August Johnston
MusicRoland Barker, Joe Zajonc
SoundRoland Barker, Joe Zajonc
Game TestsJeffrey Betterley, Ross Storem
Additional DesignNicholas Newhard
AssistantBarry Peterson
Artistic ConceptGeoff Hassing
Motion Capture CastDan Castillo, Fort Lewis Ranger Battalion, Ron Haskins, Defense Services Inc.
Mission Briefing VideoPatrick Moynihan
Mission Briefing Video ImagesDefense Link ‑ www.defenselink.mil
Voice CastMatt Brophy, Tracey Montoya, Javier Garavito, Ron Haskins, Mark Kreitler, Mark Long, Eric H. Maerten, Pieter Zilinsky

Take 2 Interactive

Executive ProducerSam Houser
Game DesignMichael Suarez
Technical ProductionGary J. Foreman
Worldwide Quality AssuranceTim LeTourneau
Quality AssuranceClaire Cuthill
Test‑Team LeadKen Jordan
Test‑TeamAdam Rabin, Paul Cuthill, Darren Lloyd, Ronnie Jackson, Lee Brown, Ola Sanusi, Michael Wenn
Packaging & ManualFluid Design, Barry Lancaster-Smith
Production ManagementMatt Gorman
European Translation byGlobal Software Solutions Inc.
Character FacesRobert Boesch, Dan Castillo, Billy Chilton, Garrett M. Comeaux, Jeffrey W. Elias, Janet Galore, Reid Halverson, Wes Kaiser, Paul C. Larsen, Vince P. Lowery, Mark C. Peden, Alex Perrault, Jeff D. Prow, Kevin Ring, Evert Soderholm, Brian Stover (The Swede), Alvin Thomas, Ryan Wickenhagen (Grips)
Special Thanks To3Dfx Interactive Inc., SciTech Software Inc., Criterion Software Limited, BioVision Motion Capture Studios, Ft. Lewis Ranger Battalion, Ft. Lewis Light Infantry Unit, Everett Tackett (Captain; Special Forces; Ft. Lewis), Defense Services Inc., Ron Haskins, Charlie Uchill (Captain; Ranger Battalion; Ft. Lewis), Michael A. Migliara (Captain; US Army Special Operations Command), Andamo Demming, Christine McGavran, Joe Lewis, Johan Leidgren, Noel Lakey, Edward Galore, Kim Collmer, Tracey Montoya, Scott Dodson, Linley Storm, Sandy Heyer, James Palma, Aron Roberts, Chris Morrow, Parsnip, Ali Candy, Dan Houser, Lucien King, Gavin White, Andrea Mills-Griffin

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Credits for this game were contributed by Xoleras (66017)