SpellForce: The Order of Dawn Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Loading your game. What on earth is she wearing?
Defeating some skeletons.
A very dead minotaur
Aaaaw, a woodcutter and a deer! How pretty!
The lighting effects are nice, and the transitions between night and day looks very good.
Two summoned skeletons helps out with the spider killing.
Hey gobbo, look behind you!
Building a mine
Sooner or later you die....
...and after a few hours of playing this is all you want to do
Barbarians go for the Darkelf Titan (Arachnis)
A major battle between elves, dwarfs, a titan and some undead.
One of the bosses
Dwarven units
Sometimes it is wise to use the wisdom of the rabbit.
Orc titan
It is a bad idea to attack such a defense line.
The heroes engage.
I see the ghosts of the developers...
Dark elf settlement
So much for the Cat Empire
A merchant
Bloodash. Let him destroy the enemy encampments by stealing his gem and leading him to it. Be careful he does not kill you.
Ruins of Mulandir
Red legion in Farlorn's hope
Fortress of Utran
Gate to the fortress of Utran
Darius. He can give you background information on a lot of thing.
Human monument
Bindstones can be used for fast travel
Character info
Troll unit and building plans
Ork army
Elven units
Human units
Human camp
Battle orcs vs humans
Character creation screen
Opening cinematic showing human and orcish armies fight
Opening cinematic features really cool and well directed battle of mages at the top of the tower
Gathering resources allows you to build structures and units
Line of archers mowing down the orc invaders before they get a chance to swing their weapons
Attacking the enemy tower with a hero (alas, it cannot be attacked with bow and arrow)
Cut-scene showing the liberated castle
You can buy and sell weapons and items to town and village merchants
Tower defense is a great strategy against an overwhelming enemy force