The Spirit Engine II Credits


Game DesignMark Pay
CodingMark Pay
ArtMark Pay
ScriptMark Pay
SoundtrackJosh Whelchel
Audio ProgrammingJosh Whelchel
TestingMark Pay, Jim Riley, Josh Whelchel, Alessandro Barbazza
Josh Would Like to ThankJacqueline Bell, Christina Giglio, Shane Lu, Dave WarriorBob H., Mom & Dad, Ronald Clifford, Espen G├Ątzschmann (TiLT), Staffan Melin, Kyle Pulver (xerus), Jon Pittock (skn3), Stephen Rhodes (Rhodesy), Jim Riley (jimbob), Per Einar Skavhaug (zepsi), Saurin Shah, Tympanic , Jesse Worley, Derek Yu, East West / Quantum Leap, The Community of Trax in Space
Mark Would Like to ThankMum and Dad, Caroline

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Credits for this game were contributed by Josh Whelchel (48)