Spirit of Speed 1937 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game loads and after the logos and the title screen have been displayed this menu appears
The race track selection screen. The list of available tracks is to the right of centre. Selecting any one beings up a video sequence showing what it's like to drive plus a map and description.
The race selection screen. In addition to single races ans tournaments there are lots of scenarios which are a bit like missions but in a racing context
This is the list of medium difficulty scenarios. There are ten harder ones and there are ten easier ones
Here an easy scenario has been selected. The game has a mission briefing type of screen for each one.
Checking the details of the assigned car within an easy level scenario
Before each scenario a period style poster is displayed, very art deco
Here another scenario at Brooklands race track has been selected and the new poster is 'pasted' over the poster for the last scenario attempted.
This is an easy race around the French countryside
Game over. The summary is short and brutal