Springy Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Springy's main menu. The central bar, currently showing 'Play the Game' rotates offering the Instructions, Level Editor, and Exit options
Playing the game has two modes, Beginner & Expert, each with their own high score
All game messages descend from the top. The letters bounce up & down as though on springs before disappearing off the top of the screen.
The spring has started its descent from the red box at the top of the stack. The red box with the yellow arrow will cause Springy to fall and that will end this turn
The players viewpoint has been changed. The red box with the arrow has been rotated to keep Springy on track
A bit further on in level one. The path divides and then rejoins leading to the blue destination box
Almost there
The destination box is shown clearly in this shot from Level 2
Level 3 introduces boxes that change the effect of gravity so that Springy starts walking upwards
Level 4. The destination box is round the back somewhere
This is a screen shot of the level designer. It shows that the game has alternate backgrounds.
The game's instructions are brief. They also show the types of specialised block that are used within the game's levels