Spy Fox 2: "Some Assembly Required" Credits


Interactive DesignLisa Wick, Brad Carlton
Lead ArtistBrad Carlton
Lead ProgrammerLisa Wick
Project CoordinatorRachel Frost
WritersDavid Scully, Scott Brothers, Brian Pulliam, Sandy Spangler, Tom Verre, Tom Witte, Fred Kron
ProgrammingChris Bui, Kerry Cassady, Brian Kent, Rhett Mathis, Brian Pulliam, Paige C. Watson
Audio/Sound DesignerGeoff Kirk
Lead System ProgrammerBrad P. Taylor
System ProgrammerSteven Magladry, Stephen W. Johnson, Christopher Blackwell
Lead AnimatorTom Verre
Traditional AnimationAndrew Brinkworth, Scott Brothers, Travis Kotzebue, John Michaud, Jay Prochaska, Fred Sodt
Character DesignScott Brothers, Travis Kotzebue, Mark Lautenbach, John Michaud, Tom Verre
Storyboard ArtistsScott Brothers, Jay Prochaska, Fred Sodt, Sandy Spangler, Tom Verre, Tom Witte
Lead Computer Art & AnimationLeah Verre, Greg Griffith
Computer Art & AnimationMichael Jacob, Valerie Kissling, Mark Lautenbach, Cisco Javier Martinez, Becky Sommers
Background LayoutsKyle Shold, Leslie Harrington
Background PaintingsKyle Shold, Leslie Harrington
Cut Scene Background PaintingsStacey Birst-Yates, Steven Nasker
Lead Ink & PaintSteven Nasker
Digital Ink & PaintJuli Adams, Greg Brennan, Dave Brown, Jennifer Dawkins, Bill McGuire, Aspen Price, Cat Richards, Trina Richardson, David Stevenson, Lorinda Wells
Music Composed byThomas McGurk, Geoff Kirk
SPY Fox Theme VocalsLeah Verre, Jeff Wilson
Production LeadD. J. Mattern
Production AssistantsTanya Erwin, Nate Hall, Bob Lenth, Patrick Thangsombat
QA LeadSusan Mohn
TestersTodd Lyons, Robert J. Ochs, Joshua Prigg, Theresa Robinson, Matt Skau, Kelly Brown
Help File & CopywriterCaroline J. Sherley
Featured VoicesMike Madeoy (as SPY Fox), David Scully (as LeRoach)
Additional Voice TalentMark Anders, Ken Boynton, Deana Burk, Scott Burns, Ross Douglas, Craig English, Kit Harris, Kathy Levin, Kathryn Luster, Gina Nagy
SPY Fox created byBrad Carlton, Bret Barrett

Bad Animals

Recording EngineerSuzie Brutke-Smurdon

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Credits for this game were contributed by Dave Timoney (976)