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Game Title
Intro: Somewhere in the Scottish Highlands...
Intro: SPY Fox, cleverly disguised...
Intro: The enemy didn't even know what hit him!
Intro: SPY Fox has successfully infiltrated his enemy's headquarters and
Intro: And gets a "lipstick" with a hidden message inside from his informant
SPY Fox returns to headquarters and gives his Chief the lipstick. There he receive another mission: Stop that huge hairspray can from blasting toxic gas into the Earth's atmosphere!
At the bowling alley, you find out Poodles Galore is behind everything and has kidnapped Plato Pushpin - the only one who can help stop the giant hairspray.
To rescue Pushpin, SPY Fox enlists the help of his friends including Professor Quack who provides you with a vending machine full of useful gadgets.
One of the gadgets is the Spy Bowling Ball.
SPY Fox tricks Poodle Galore into a game of Bowling and manages to save Pushpin.
Plato Pushpin gives SPY Fox the key card to the factory
and also ingredients he will need to make the Congeal Pill
At the Donut Shop.
Inside SPY Fox's Spy Mobile, you can travel all over the world in style.
At the Desert.
At the Jungle.
At the Lake.
By moving the cursor to the lower part of the screen you can access your inventory and use your SPY Watch.
Your Spy Watch: Can tell you the time and perform many other tasks.
By pressing the button with the Fox symbol, you can talk to Monkey Penny and get hints if you are stuck.
By pressing the Fun button on your watch, you can play the Radioactive Trash Collector Game.
Game Instructions.
Radioactive Collector - Use your mouse, aim the target at those toxic green slimes and shoot.
You also access the Save and Load menu