Squid Yes! Not So Octopus! Credits (Windows)

Squid Yes! Not So Octopus! Windows Title screen and main menu


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Squid Yes! Not So Octopus! Credits


A Game byRobert D. Fearon
From an Idea bySteve Maibock
Published byBagfull of Wrong
Originally created forWay of the Rodent
Testing byEly of WotR, William Swaney (Bill of The2bears)
Music byGordon King
Blur script I fucked with created byMatt D. Smith (the_doominator)
Remarkable music fromGeeKay
Special props toGeoff Davies (of Probe Plus), Nigel Blackwell (of Half Man Half Biscuit), for permission to use the title
Extra thanks toAll the testers who helped make the game what it is.
ThanksWay Of The Rodent;without all the support and the original idea this game wouldn't exist., Steve Maibock (the man who began the madness by saying 'I want a game where the highscore is 9' and et voila; he got one.), Nigel Blackwell (from Half Man Half Biscuit who wrote Them's The Vagaries from which the title is derived.), Kingy, Minion, Tam Toucan, William Swaney (Bill of The2bears), Dio, Ko, Mamemeister, Dave Morrow, D3v, Everyone else who put forth their suggestions to make the game better., Everyone in Remakes IRC who has put up with the constant stream of beta versions; blinding screenshots and gripes during development., Retro Remakes, Cos; k., STompy; bestiest bud and the other half of my brainbonce in internet terrorism.

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