S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu
Loading Screen
One of the five downed helicopters.
An abandoned building with unknown content - fun!
Sneaking through a bloodsucker lair.
Another helicopter crash side found.
Looks peaceful doesn't it? But be warned: there's something amiss here.
A snork comes a little bit too close.
The inventory has been changed significantly since Clear Sky.
A bloodsucker out in the open - his last mistake.
Another abandoned building - this time full of stalker-zombies.
On my way to help that guy on the left to complete some unfinished business in zombie-zone.
That guy has a serious problem and is a real pain to talk to.
Monolith? Here? And they don't even attack me? Play the game to find out more!
Pripyat is near. We've already arrived at the underground train station.
I think they want me to do something. But what? I don't know...
Finally arrived in Pripyat.
The last surviving members of the helicopter crashes.
A good look over the area surrounding Yanow Station.
Rain, a swamp and old equipment. That's a very sad combination.
An eclipse is about to happen and I'm right in the middle.
This train features a nice-looking but deadly anomaly.
Your trusty PDA - back again with every information you need.
One of the new guys: a burer.
It looks like rain - again!
21:00 - The target has enter the target zone and will be a dead target soon.
An artifact. Still the whole reason why everyone is here.
Pripyat is a dangerous place although it may seem peaceful.
One of the famous Pripyat landmarks.
The military hideout in Pripyat.
My I introduce: the Gauss rifle 4000 - now with 10 times the power and 100 times the weight.
A controller has seen me. A few more seconds and I'll be dead meat.
That bear in front of the kindergarten still holds his place.
Only a dead zombie is a good zombie.
If I could read russian, I would tell you what that is. But I can't so just look at the pretty picture.
Mutantrats are very dangerous in hordes.
Nature has already claimed most of Pripyat. Trees are even growing inside the buildings.
Again a famous building in Pripyat but don't ask me what it is...
Multiplayer hasn't changed since Clear Sky.
The final result of my third journey into the zone.