Related Web Sites

  • Ganymede (Homepage of (among other things) the Pages of Now & Forever's official Star Control II walkthrough, a comprehensive guide to the game and its mysteries.)
  • Infogramme/Accolade Tech Support (Has a link to the latest (last :) Star Control 2 patch.)
  • More Control! (Webcomic Bob the Angry Flower spends an episode arbitrarily experiencing the world of SC2.)
  • QuasiSpace (Another quality SC site.)
  • Star Control 2 featured on PC Gamer! (This page has a screenshot from SC2 along with a featured description of MobyGames itself, scanned from the July 2000 issue of PC Gamer.)
  • Star Control II SuperMelee Extended Reference (Covers the SuperMelee module of Star Control II for the 3DO. Most of the information also applies to the PC game.)
  • Star Control Series Index (I've set up a section on DMOZ all about the Star Control series of games.)
  • The Pages of Now & Forever (A -huge- Star Control II fan site with comprehensive information, humour and everything a fan could possibly want (including links to other fan sites) has been set up by Chad Darrenbacker. (Contributed by Tomer Gabel) )
  • The Star Control Webring (A now frequently updated webring including most (if not all) of the major Star Control-related web sites.)
  • The Ur-Quan Masters Project (A free, open-source, cross-platform port of Star Control II for Windows, MacOS X, Linux, all BSD, BeOS, and other SDL-supported platforms.)
  • Time Warp (One of the more promising Star Control clones which emphasizes multiplayer (network, modem etc.) melee play.)

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