Star Control II Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Fan-art in the installation; a cuddly Shofixti hangs out with an adorable Orz
Title screen
Start menu
Super-Melee menu
Not really -- this is a little Zot-Fot-Piq humour for the SC2 fans in the crowd.
Full game title screen, redux
Intro: the plot thickens!
This doesn't look like the Terra system I was expecting...
Full game load/restore screen
Not a friendly greeting!
Conversation branches
Conversation logs
Earth really is stuck behind a slave shield!
The moon has no such problem, however.
It does seem to be plagued by robots, however, complicating my resource-gathering.
Something's fishy on Pluto.
Earthquakes and firestorms plague the surface of Mercury.
Galactic hyperspace map -- this will become more detailed as the game progresses.
Joy-riding in hyperspace
A common hyperspace inconvenience
The ship selection remnants doesn't bode well for our heroes.
I bet more games ended this way, a triumphant Slylandro Probe twisting through space.