Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Dominion Wars Credits

Gizmo Games

Produced and Directed byGary Wagner
Additional productionPaxton Lazar
Art Direction byRodney Walden
Associate Producer & Business ManagementDiane M. Heppting
Art & AnimationRodney Walden, Chris Bernert, Randi Munn, Chris Larsen, Sina San, Mike Holcomb
DesignChris Bernert, Christoph Klug
ProgrammerGary Vick
Network EngineerJim S. Daniel
Original Music Composed, Performed, and Mixed byScott Roewe
Music Produced byGary Wagner
Sound EditingMike Holcomb, Matt Heinemeyer
Movie cinematics created byGizmo Games
Directed byRodney Walden
ArtistsChris Larsen, Randi Munn
Post ProductionMike Holcomb
Additional game designTim Ryan, Rodney Walden, Gary Wagner, Dustin Browder

Mass Media

CoordinatorBernard Whang
Executive ProducerDavid Todd
Guru SupportKen Jordan, Dan Pinal
BusinessCharlene Bohnhoff
Lead ProgrammerSteve Eitman
Mass Media EngineersLee Chidgey, Chris Shrigley, An Nguyen, Colby Koch, David Todd, Robert Toone

Simon & Schuster Interactive

SVP, PublisherGilles Dana
VP, Creative DirectorJeffrey Siegel
Senior ProducerMichael Wallis
VP, Director of Marketing/Business DevelopmentPeter von Schlossberg
Business ManagerJohn Crowe
Publicity DirectorPeter Binazeski
Art DirectorSusan Daulton
Marketing Services ManagerEllen Goldberg
Sales & Marketing ManagerChristina Kuzma
Contributing ProducerElizabeth J. Braswell
Assistant ProducerBill Mooney
Online ManagerLou Charles, Dewanda Howard
Production ManagerMeng Meng Lim
Contributing Assistant ProducerKim Kindya
Senior DesignerDavid S. Rheinhardt
With Special Thanks toKenneth Gordon
ManualMichael Wallis

Pan Interactive

ProducerMagnus Schelin
International DistributionErik Titusson
Localisation Manager├ůsa Lundkvist
Assistant ProducerSara Hedin

Viacom Consumer Products

Director, Product Development Interactive & TechnologyHarry Lang
Supervisor, Product Development Interactive & TechnologyDaniel Felts

Absolute Quality, Inc.

Project LeadJosh Scanlan
Project SecondClint McCaul
TestersNiles Plante, Eura Campbell, Debby Dillon, John Kuhn, Fran Katsimpiris, H. Edward Piper, Nathan Briggs, James Copestake, Jeremiah Sanders, Adam Breakey, Adrian Miller

Simon & Schuster Online

Simon & Schuster OnlineMichele Jaslow

Simon & Schuster Legal Department

LegalJill Wallach

Voice Acting

Admiral RossBarry Jenner
WeyounJeffrey Combs
Gul DukatMarc Alaimo
Federation ComputerB. J. Ward
Dominion ComputerMonique Bernert
Voice Recording DirectorKris Zimmerman Salter
Recorded at theSalami Studios; North Hollywood CA
Recording LeadDevon G. Bowman
Script written byChris Bernert, David A. Mack

Special Thanks

Special Thanks toDiane M. Heppting, Christopher Taylor, David Gilmour, Juliet Dutton (VCP), Berndt Heidemann (VCP), Remo[Can't wait no longer], The Coop Pizza, Sonia Brown
In Remembrance of our friendKirk L. Snyder

German Version

LocalisationEffective Media
Recorded atArena Synchron; Berlin


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Dominion Wars Mulitplayer‑Tools-Technology
Star Trek and its elements are trademarks ofParamount Pictures
Released byPAN Interactive[a department of KF Media AB]
Software CopyrightSimon & Schuster Interactive[a department of Simon & Schuster Inc.]
Microsoft and Windows are trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation
Pentium is a trademark of theIntel Corporation
Gizmo Games is a division ofGizmo Industries Inc.

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159638) and Riamus (8521)